Kevin Spacey Backs Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President, Citing Lasting Friendship

Kevin Spacey navigates tumultuous legal challenges and public scrutiny.

by Nouman Rasool
Kevin Spacey Backs Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President, Citing Lasting Friendship
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Kevin Spacey, the actor, has openly supported independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for the U.S. presidency, calling him "a formidable fighter for justice and a loyal friend." Spacey took to the social media platform X recently, where he penned a warm message to Kennedy over support he had shown to him personally during his own troubles.

"'When the world turned its back on me, Bobby leaned in,'" Spacey said, citing support he received from Kennedy amid his own controversies. Under much fire for quite some time, disgraced star of House of Cards, Kevin Spacey, had been embattled by many allegations of se-ual misconduct back in 2017.

This was irrespective of the fact that he was acquitted of nine se-ual assault charges after a long trial in London last year.

Spacey's Legal Battles

Charges were filed after four men in the UK accused Spacey. Meanwhile, charges of indecent assault and battery in Massachusetts were dismissed in 2019 when the accuser withdrew a civil lawsuit filed, with Spacey denying the charges in all those legal battles.

The endorsement comes at a very critical time as Spacey openly criticized an upcoming two-part documentary series titled "Spacey Unmasked," which hopes to detail some of the se-ual abuse allegations raised against him. His support of Kennedy is therefore cross-pollinated with his efforts in attempting to rehab his public image.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the son of the late liberal icon Robert Kennedy and a third-party candidate running for president, has been polling behind both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, yet he has made significant inroads, particularly in a host of battleground states.

A recent USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll has Kennedy polling at 8%—enough to make him a factor in determining the outcome of the election. The Kennedy campaign has not been free of controversy, with some Democratic allies of Biden labeling him an "election spoiler" who could inadvertently help the Trump campaign.

This is further complicated by disclosures that Kennedy's largest donor has also financially supported Trump. Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has tried to label Kennedy a left-wing radical, adding to the polarized views about his candidacy.

Other noted figures aside from Spacey include actor and comedian Rob Schneider and New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, among others.

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