Emily Blunt Discusses Unpleasant On-Screen Kisses

Emily Blunt opens up about acting challenges with Stern.

by Nouman Rasool
Emily Blunt Discusses Unpleasant On-Screen Kisses
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British celebrated actress Emily Blunt, noted for her performances in blockbuster hits and critically acclaimed movies, has recently revealed some not-so-glamorous details about her on-screen romances. Blunt, in a truly candid admission to Howard Stern in a recent interview, reveals that some of the men whom she kissed in her movies were not to her liking.

Currently appearing with Ryan Gosling in "The Fall Guy", Blunt opened up to Stern about the tricky emotions involved in shooting love scenes with other actors. She said, "Absolutely, absolutely. I wouldn't say it's extreme loathing but I've definitely not enjoyed some of it." This candid moment between the actress and Stern opened up something rare that actors often go through in the process of trying to create that believable chemistry on screen.

And she, who has previously been lined up with Hollywood leading men such as Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, Cillian Murphy, and Colin Firth, even managed to score herself an Oscar nomination for "Oppenheimer." Explaining in her chat with Stern how she deals with it, she said, "I think my feeling is I've got to find something I love about everybody.

Even if it's just one thing, like their laugh or the way they are polite to others. It might be something random, but finding that one thing can really help."

Mastering On-Screen Chemistry

Speaking of chemistry, Blunt explained, "I've been doing this long enough.

I could have chemistry with this water bottle at this point. You learn how to conjure it." She emphasized that a natural rapport with a co-star makes the process all the more unchallenging. Blunt, for her part, also attested that there were still no rough waters between her and Gosling during the shoot, as he is "just an absolute sweetheart of a person," and declared that they really are good friends.

She says it boosts their chemistry together for the film. Such revelation of professional and personal dynamics within the film acting industry only indicates the subtle set of skills that are required to be applied in order to forge credible bonds on-screen, no matter life's experiences.

Indeed, as Blunt continues to take over the silver screen, her ability to rise above such challenges does not just reveal professionalism but dedication to the craft of acting.

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