Ron Burgundy Roasts Tom Brady: Will Ferrell Revives Iconic Role

Will Ferrell steals the show at Brady's Netflix roast

by Zain ul Abedin
Ron Burgundy Roasts Tom Brady: Will Ferrell Revives Iconic Role
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A surprise guest stole the spotlight during Netflix's live roast of NFL legend Tom Brady on Sunday, May 5. Held at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California, the event titled "The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady" featured a lineup of celebrities and comedians, but none shone brighter than Ron Burgundy.

The beloved character, portrayed by Will Ferrell in the "Anchorman" films, returned to deliver memorable jabs at the former quarterback. Introduced as “a living legend, a world-class lover, and the No. 1 news anchor in all of San Diego,” Burgundy, in character, took the stage with his usual flair.

"My name is Ron Burgundy. I am a very big deal, but tonight is not about me," Ferrell, 56, declared. "We are here to honor a champion of the gridiron, a great American, a father, and a s-xy man, a true patriot - until he was not, of course." With his signature bombastic style, Ferrell's portrayal of Burgundy didn't shy away from complimenting Brady's famed good looks.

“Holy s---, this man is gorgeous. Look at those cheekbones. That’s a million-watt smile right there... A person could get lost in those eyes and right now, I am that person,” he gushed.

Burgundy's Roast Rampage

The act continued with Burgundy humorously struggling with his composure.

“Ron, pull it together. You’re a straight man," he reminded himself. "He’s making you question your s-xuality. Stop looking at him. You’re here to make fun of him. Not fall in love. Concentrate!" Amid the laughter, Ferrell, as Burgundy, teased Brady about his football career and even mentioned Brady's ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, noting the couple's divorce after 13 years of marriage.

“I never liked you, Tom... in all my years of watching professional football, I never saw a more boring quarterback," he joked, adding that watching the Patriots play "actually made me look forward to all the fun and laughter of a Bill Belichick postgame interview." The roast, hosted by Kevin Hart, featured a star-studded cast including Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, Nikki Glaser, Drew Bledsoe, Randy Moss, and Kim Kardashian.

Speaking before the show, Hart emphasized the importance of self-deprecation. "Having the ability to laugh at yourself says a lot about who you are. Not taking yourself too seriously says a lot about who you are. It’s what makes me respect him.

That is why I'm here today," Hart said. "The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady" is now available for streaming on Netflix, providing fans a unique perspective on one of America’s sports icons, all in good humor.

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