Trump Gains Edge Over Biden Among Educated Voters, Poll Reveals

Biden tackles key issues amid rising electoral challenges

by Zain ul Abedin
Trump Gains Edge Over Biden Among Educated Voters, Poll Reveals
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In a surprising twist in voter sentiment, Donald Trump has overtaken President Joe Biden among both higher and lower-educated voters, according to recent polling data. This development poses a significant challenge for Biden as he gears up for the upcoming presidential race.

A recent survey conducted by ActiVote involving 953 likely voters indicates that Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for 2024, leads Biden by 5.4 percentage points in a direct matchup. Trump garnered 52.7% of the support compared to Biden’s 47.3%.

This lead is consistent across various educational demographics, complicating Biden's electoral landscape. The poll detailed that Trump has a narrow lead over Biden among voters with only a high school education, capturing 51% compared to Biden's 49%.

This trend strengthens with higher levels of education, with Trump leading 54% to 46% among those with some college or an associate's degree, and 53% to 47% among college graduates. This shift in educated voter preference is particularly stark compared to the 2020 election outcomes.

During that election, according to a CNN exit poll, 55% of college graduates supported Biden over Trump, who secured 48% of their votes. However, Trump has historically performed well among voters without a college degree, a trend that seems to be expanding into higher educational brackets.

Biden Confronts Campus Unrest

As the Biden campaign faces these daunting numbers, the president recently addressed the nation about the contentious student protests regarding the pro-Palestinian movements on campuses like Columbia University.

Emphasizing the importance of lawful protests, Biden condemned any violent actions, stating, "Violent protest is not protected; peaceful protest is. It’s against the law when violence occurs." The ActiVote survey also highlighted demographic splits, showing Trump with a substantial lead among rural voters (68-32 percent), whereas Biden remains favored in urban areas (64-35 percent).

The age-based voter preference is mixed, with Biden slightly leading among the young (18-29 years) and senior citizens (65 and over), whereas Trump shows strong leads among middle-aged groups. Gender and racial demographics also show varied support, with Trump winning a majority of male voters and Biden favored by female voters.

Biden retains strong support from Black voters, albeit slightly reduced from previous polls, but continues to struggle with Latino voters, 40% of whom now support Trump. Conducted between April 13 and April 30, this poll comes with a mean average error of 3.2 percent, suggesting a potential margin of fluctuation in these figures.

However, the trends indicate a potentially transformative shift in the voter landscape as the nation heads towards another heated presidential election.