Dwayne Johnson’s Rock, Paper, Scissors Game with Kid at Target Goes Viral!

Dwayne Johnson surprises fan with a game at Target.

by Nouman Rasool
Dwayne Johnson’s Rock, Paper, Scissors Game with Kid at Target Goes Viral!
© Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is much more than an action star; he is a true family man. He won over the hearts of the people with the simple gesture of spontaneously playing rock, paper, scissors with a little innocent soul on a regular shopping day at Target.

Now the 52-year-old actor, known for his giant frame and even bigger personality, turned what was supposed to be an ordinary day of shopping into a memorable moment for the lucky little soul. It was that playful standoff that had happened there, which made what might have been the boringly ordinary setting of the towel aisle an arena of fun and games.

Johnson shared a video of the event on Instagram, capturing the hearts of his followers with their spirited contest. Initially, Johnson, staying true to his formidable persona, chose “rock” — a fitting choice that led to his victory in the first round.

However, the young challenger, undeterred by the defeat, was ready for another go.

Intense Aisle Showdown

Johnson, amused and impressed by the boy’s enthusiasm, quipped, “Aw, come on, you know I’m going for the rock all the time.

Want to go again?” The ensuing rounds saw the duo locked in a series of draws, their competitive spirits high, until Johnson once again clinched a win with his signature move. But the game didn’t stop there; the competition spilled over into other store aisles, continuing with two more draws until the young fan finally scored a win with “scissors”.

The video culminated in a playful victory celebration for the young fan, complete with a GTA-inspired freeze frame and the text “Mission passed! Respect +”. Johnson’s caption celebrated the young fan’s persistence and hinted at future rematches, emphasizing the fun and respect shared between them.

The actor, reflecting on the interaction, remarked, “You know I wasn’t leaving this store without making sure this kid gets his ‘I beat the Rock at Rock, Paper, Scissors’ story”. It was a fun moment and showed Johnson being playful and appealing to his younger fans.

Johnson is a father of three kids and knows very well about the challenges and victories of being a dad. Johnson told PEOPLE that creating his own timetable just gave him more hours to be with his daughters. “It allows me to get closer to the girls,” he noted, appreciating the opportunities his career has provided to be an involved parent.

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