Tom Brady's Response to Jeff Ross' Patriots Owner Joke: 'Don't Say That Again'

Comedic Roast Highlights Awkward Moments for NFL Star.

by Nouman Rasool
Tom Brady's Response to Jeff Ross' Patriots Owner Joke: 'Don't Say That Again'
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"The Roast of Tom Brady" by Netflix provided plenty of awkward moments Sunday night when host Jeff Ross took the stage in front of those at the Kia Forum and millions of viewers at home. Wearing a risqué No. 32 jersey with "Roast J Simpson" on the back, comedian Jeff Ross took to the stage to host a night of biting jocularity.

Ross didn't waste much time getting back to Tom Brady's career, and he started it jokingly, with how Tom started being the 199th overall pick by the NFL; people in the audience just couldn't stop laughing at the reply. He was teased, like Bill Belichick's dog, picking out some random keys on the keyboard that gave them Tom Brady.

However, the atmosphere turned tense when Ross turned his attention to Brady's relationship with Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Recounting a moment from Brady's rookie days, Ross referenced a quip allegedly made by Brady to Kraft about being the best decision the organization ever made, before abruptly asking, "Would you like a massage?" The joke alluded to Kraft's past legal entanglements involving a Florida massage parlor, a sensitive subject for the Patriots owner.

Tense Exchange at Roast

Brady's discomfort was palpable as he shifted in his seat and issued a stern warning to Ross in a whispered exchange caught by the hot microphone: "Don't say that shit again." Despite the awkward moment, Ross attempted to diffuse the tension with a nervous joke, acknowledging Kraft's presence and humorously praising his philanthropic endeavors.

The interaction didn't end there, as Brady and Ross shared a hug on stage, seemingly burying the hatchet with smiles on their faces. Host Kevin Hart, known for his comedic prowess, couldn't resist ribbing Ross for his close call, urging him to "stop being a bitch" and teasing him about his career prospects.

Part of Netflix's Is a Joke Fest, the special saw Brady ribbed by some of the biggest names in the business, all proving he could take it after a 20-year career in the NFL, most of which was spent at the New England Patriots, not to mention his recent signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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