Ryan Gosling Kids Indifferent to Fame

Gosling shares personal anecdotes about parenting with Mendes.

by Nouman Rasool
Ryan Gosling Kids Indifferent to Fame
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Ryan Gosling is one of the biggest Hollywood stars nowadays, but that does not matter much to his 2 daughters, Esmeralda Amada, 9, and Amada Lee, 8, as the "Barbie" actor talks exclusively to PEOPLE Magazine about some private life details and underscores that his two daughters see him and his partner, Eva Mendes, just as parents; they are not touched that they are stars.

For all that their parents are a few of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Gosling's kids don't seem to be too overly impressed by it all. This has been amusingly brought home to him by the fact that Mendes recently did a guest spot on an episode of the popular ABC Kids animated series "Bluey." In spite of being huge fans of the show, the girls didn't seem to think that the fact of their mother being on it was all that exciting.

"They did not like it," Gosling chuckled. "They were like, 'Fast-forward through that part!'"

Family First for Gosling

On the other hand, children evince a lively interest in certain aspects of their father's work. Gosling recalled how his daughters had learned the choreography of their father's character, Ken, in the recent film "Barbie." Such involvement means that they are observant and supportive in their artistic endeavors, even though they may take their parents' celebrity for granted.

Meanwhile, Gosling's new action-romance film, "The Fall Guy," with Emily Blunt, which opened on May 3, 2024, also drew family interest — particularly concerning his own welfare. Concerning the stunts in which he had to take part on screen, he revealed that his daughters had established a few immutable laws.

"My kids didn't want me to be set on fire," the actor said with a chuckle. "They were adamant, 'No. No fire.' So I didn't do it." This heady blend of ordinariness with a smattering of Hollywood glam creeps into Gosling's family life and lends a grounded perspective that's not quite typical in the celeb universe.

Although her parents are two of the most recognizable people in the world, it's always made clear that, of course, the most important thing is their personal connection, and no one should be in doubt that these stars are just mom and dad to loving kids.

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