Will Ferrell Joins Ryan Reynolds with Stake in English Football Club

Hollywood star ventures into English football with Leeds investment

by Zain ul Abedin
Will Ferrell Joins Ryan Reynolds with Stake in English Football Club
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Hollywood actor Will Ferrell is setting the UK sports media abuzz with news of his latest venture into English football. According to an exclusive report from The Sun, Ferrell, renowned for his role in "Elf," has acquired a significant stake in Leeds United Football Club.

His newfound love for the sport reportedly led him to this substantial investment, echoing the actions of fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, who has also ventured into football club ownership. Leeds United, however, has remained tight-lipped about the addition of Ferrell to their boardroom.

The club's policy of not commenting on individual stakeholders leaves room for speculation, but The Sun claims insider confirmation that Ferrell's involvement will soon be made public. The source stated, “It’s true – Will Ferrell owns a share of Leeds.

The 49ers will be announcing his involvement in the coming days and he’s looking forward to sprinkling a little stardust on the club."

Ferrell's Football Fervor

Ferrell's enthusiasm for soccer is not new. Already a co-owner of Los Angeles FC, his interest in English football has been evident.

Last season, Ferrell made headlines with his surprise appearances at various British stadiums and even featured in a live broadcast from Manchester City’s ground on Sky Sports. His visit to Wrexham, owned by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, further highlighted his deepening ties with the sport.

The potential confirmation of Ferrell's stake in Leeds United, a club currently eyeing promotion to the Premier League, could boost its profile significantly. The club hopes to ascend from the Championship League through upcoming playoffs.

Should Ferrell officially don the club’s colors, he will join a growing list of celebrities, including Russell Crowe, who have invested in English football teams. Other notable investors include rapper Stormzy, actor Michael B.

Jordan, and sports icon LeBron James, each of whom has found unique value in the cultural and commercial appeal of the sport.

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