'Reacher’ Star Criticizes Political Platform Claimed by Self-Professed Christians

Alan Ritchson's Latest Comments Stir Up Heated Debate.

by Nouman Rasool
'Reacher’ Star Criticizes Political Platform Claimed by Self-Professed Christians
© David Livingston/Getty Images

Alan Ritchson, the star of Amazon Prime's series "Reacher," has once again ignited controversy by voicing his concerns about political ideologies professed by some Christians, particularly those in support of former President Donald Trump.

In his latest outreach on his "InstaChurch" YouTube channel, Ritchson didn't shy away from critiquing the actions and beliefs of this group, using biblical scriptures to underscore his points. In a poignant video, Ritchson reflected on the teachings of the Bible, specifically Jeremiah 22:2-3, which implores the faithful to act justly and kindly, especially towards foreigners, the fatherless, and widows.

He lamented that the very individuals who loudly profess their Christian faith are often the ones whose actions seem most at odds with these teachings. “This verse calls for generosity and justice for all, not just for those who share your flag or your faith,” Ritchson explained, addressing the perceived hypocrisy within certain political factions that claim to be Christian yet whose policies and actions suggest otherwise.

Controversial Remarks Ignite

The actor's comments come in the wake of a controversial interview with The Hollywood Reporter in April, where he criticized Trump-supporting Christians and some law enforcement practices. “Trump is a rapist and a con man, and yet he is glorified as a beacon by many in the Christian community; it's baffling,” he stated during the interview.

His bold remarks spurred heated reactions, including criticism from the National Fraternal Order of Police, which dismissed Ritchson as "another useless Hollywood actor virtue signaling at the expense of brave police officers." Ritchson's response to the backlash was just as fervent.

He argued that the dismissive and often hostile reactions he encounters are indicative of a broader issue within law enforcement and political discourse. “When peaceful disagreement is met with immaturity and aggression, it raises serious concerns about how these entities handle less visible interactions,” he noted on his Instagram.

The ongoing dialogue highlights a critical divide in American cultural and political life, where celebrities like Ritchson use their platform to challenge prevailing norms and provoke discussion on fundamental moral and ethical questions.

More recently, his speeches, which crisscross interpretation of Scripture and political comment, are meant to chisel out a better, more open, and more sympathetic way, urging his hearers to meet the Christian ideals of charity and justice for everyone, without any distinction of nationality or belief.