King Charles Honors Late Queen by Assuming New Royal Position

King Charles reaffirms commitment to key environmental initiatives

by Zain ul Abedin
King Charles Honors Late Queen by Assuming New Royal Position
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Ahead of King Charles III’s coronation anniversary on May 6, the royal family has detailed its strategy for continuing royal patronages. In this tradition, members support various organizations, ranging from charities to military associations.

According to the royal family's recent social media post, this tradition dates back to George II's reign in the 1700s. They emphasized that these patronages help highlight and promote the significant contributions of these groups to society.

King Charles and Queen Camilla, along with other family members, will adopt some of the causes previously championed by the late Queen Elizabeth II. This reshuffling follows the review of over 1,000 patronages after Queen Elizabeth’s death in September 2022.

The royal couple will now support more than 800 charities and organizations. The late Queen had been the patron of 492 charities, and 376 will continue to receive royal support. This includes the Royal British Legion, a military support charity that Queen Elizabeth backed from 1952 until her passing.

Before becoming King, Charles supported 441 organizations, maintaining or delegating 367 to other family members post-coronation.

King Charles's Environmental Advocacy

The King and Queen will also continue their pre-ascension patronages.

Notably, King Charles's long-standing commitment to environmental causes remains steadfast. He will maintain his support for The Wildlife Trusts and the Commonwealth Forestry Association, focusing on global forest conservation and sustainable management.

Additionally, King Charles will continue his presidency at WaterAid, a clean water NGO he has been part of since 1991. Tim Wainwright, WaterAid U.K.’s chief executive, lauded the King’s ongoing dedication, highlighting his significant impact on the charity's goals and broader global issues like climate change and sustainability.

As the climate crisis escalates, affecting water resources through droughts and infrastructure damage from severe weather, WaterAid is working to provide resilient water systems and sanitation facilities. Wainwright expressed confidence in the King’s enduring dedication to ending the global water and sanitation crisis.

As the royal family prepares to celebrate the first year of King Charles’s reign, the continuation of these patronages underlines the family's commitment to a broad spectrum of causes, from military support to environmental preservation, across the U.K.

and the Commonwealth. These efforts not only honor the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II but also reinforce the modern royal family's role in addressing key global challenges. King Charles resumed public duties on April 30 after a brief pause for cancer treatment, marking a significant moment as he leads the royal family forward.

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