Drake and Kendrick Lamar Ignite Fiery Feud with New Diss Tracks

Rap feud escalates with shocking personal revelations.

by Nouman Rasool
Drake and Kendrick Lamar Ignite Fiery Feud with New Diss Tracks
© Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

The longstanding feud between prominent rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar has escalated dramatically, as each artist released a scathing diss track on Saturday, May 4, uncovering personal accusations and controversies. Canadian rapper Drake, aged 37, was the first to strike with his three-part track titled "Family Matters." Here, he levels severe accusations against Lamar, denouncing his pro-Black activism as hypocritical while alleging domestic violence and opportunistic behavior towards the Tupac estate.

Drake’s track didn’t spare others in the industry either, taking shots at A$AP Rocky, Rick Ross, Future, and Metro Boomin. He accuses Ross of using Ozempic for weight loss, ridicules Future, and dismisses Metro Boomin as "fu-king lame." His lyrics delve deep, suggesting that Lamar is merely pretending to be an activist and criticizing his lack of genuine engagement with his community.

Lamar's Explosive Retaliation

Moments after Drake’s release, Lamar retaliated with his own explosive track, "Meet The Grahams." This marked his third diss track in a week, where he reveals shocking claims about Drake's personal life, including a secret daughter and various addictions ranging from gambling to substance abuse.

Drake quickly took to Instagram to mock the allegations of having a hidden daughter, urging someone to "find my hidden daughter pls and send her to me...these guys are in shambles," accompanied by laughing emojis. "Meet The Grahams" paints a stark picture of Drake’s alleged personal issues, suggesting he is plagued by financial irresponsibility and dependency issues, recommending therapy as a potential remedy.

This follows a pattern seen in previous tracks where Lamar has consistently targeted Drake's credibility and personal life. In addition, Lamar adds a particularly personal touch to his accusations, suggesting that Drake has lied about other children, echoing past controversies where rapper Pusha T revealed Drake’s secret son, a fact later confirmed by Drake himself.

The dispute took a bitter turn when Drake accused Lamar of resorting to crisis management to cover up alleged abuse within his household. Lamar fired back, warning Drake about the consequences of dragging family into their public spat.