Glen Powell Endures 'Jet Engine Winds' for Twisters' Stunt Scenes

Exploring behind-the-scenes challenges in 'Twisters' filming

by Zain ul Abedin
Glen Powell Endures 'Jet Engine Winds' for Twisters' Stunt Scenes
© Jason Mendez/Getty Images

For Glen Powell, starring in the action-adventure movie "Twisters" meant facing gale-force winds head-on. The sequel to the iconic 1996 film "Twister" sees Powell, 35, stepping into the storm-chasing boots of Tyler Owens, a social media-savvy adventurer whose pursuits land him in the heart of roaring twisters.

In the upcoming summer blockbuster, Powell's encounters with these violent storms are not just a plot device but a physical challenge, demanding real-life wind machines and debris to create a palpable sense of danger. “I was shot with every jet engine and piece of debris that they could muster up in Oklahoma and dragged through the air and across the ground more than I was expecting,” Powell shared in a recent interview with PEOPLE magazine, which offers a sneak peek at this season's h-ttest films.

Powell, whose previous roles include a standout performance in "Top Gun: Maverick," is no stranger to adrenaline-pumping sets, but "Twisters" elevates this to a new level. Describing the intense filming process, he said, “On this one, it's like, ‘Fans, dirt, debris, roll, action!’.

You're just like, ‘Oh my God.’ All of a sudden, the entire town around you is being ripped apart. It’s just so intense, but wonderful”.

Chung's Unyielding Direction

Director Lee Isaac Chung, known for his nuanced storytelling in "Minari," takes an uncompromising approach to the film's action sequences.

Powell praised Chung's directorial style, noting, “Lee is a filmmaker that says to his actors, ‘Hey, this may be a little painful. You're probably going to look shell-shocked at the end of the day, but the audience is going to feel it in a different way.’” While Powell remained tight-lipped about possible Easter eggs or cameos from the original cast, which included Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, he emphasized the importance of maintaining some secrets for theatrical impact.

“Sometimes I just got to shut my mouth. I’ll let [executive producer] Steven Spielberg give you all those details," he quipped. Beyond the stormy escapades in "Twisters," Powell is also set to captivate audiences in "Hit Man," a Netflix feature releasing on June 7.

In this film, he portrays Gary Johnson, a college professor with a clandestine role as a faux hitman aiding law enforcement. The project, co-written with Richard Linklater, showcases Powell in multiple roles, offering him the "greatest joy" of his acting career.

With "Twisters" set to hit theaters on July 19, audiences can prepare for a whirlwind of action that promises to be both visually arresting and emotionally gripping, thanks to Powell's dynamic performance and Chung's visionary direction.