Simon Kinberg on Colin Farrell's Big Episode 6 Reveal in 'Sugar' Twist

Apple TV+ drama 'Sugar' takes storytelling to new heights

by Zain ul Abedin
Simon Kinberg on Colin Farrell's Big Episode 6 Reveal in 'Sugar' Twist
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The twist-filled drama 'Sugar', currently captivating viewers on Apple TV+, takes an unexpected turn that melds various genres into a daring narrative. The show, initially grounded in the classic noir of a private investigator delving into a producer's granddaughter's disappearance, escalates dramatically in episode 6, revealing layers of complexity and genre-blending that define the series.

At the heart of "Sugar" is John Sugar (played by Colin Farrell), an empathetic private investigator hired by Hollywood mogul Jonathan Siegel (James Cromwell) to solve the mystery surrounding his granddaughter Olivia's (Sydney Chandler) disappearance.

The series intricately weaves Sugar's deep emotional engagement with the case, hinting at his mysterious past and secrets. As the storyline progresses, subtle clues are strategically placed, hinting at a significant reveal.

Simon Kinberg, the executive producer, explains that these hints are carefully modulated to prepare the audience for the shocking twist. “As we got closer to the end of episode 6 and the reveal, we could drop in just a few more breadcrumbs and a little bit more of a supernatural touch," Kinberg told PEOPLE.

This buildup is crucial for the audience to at least subconsciously brace for the sharp turn the show takes.

Sugar's Stunning Transformation

The climactic scene in episode 6 doesn’t disappoint. It features a desperate Sugar returning to his motel after a violent confrontation, leading to a startling revelation.

When his condition worsens, his confidante Melanie (Amy Ryan) and his friend Henry (Jason Butler Harner) are forced into a frenzy of medical activity, revealing Sugar's otherworldly nature. The episode concludes with Sugar’s transformation, his face and head morphing into an alien form, complete with glowing blue eyes and a distinctly non-human visage.

This transformation is not just a superficial change but is emblematic of the series' ambition to push genre boundaries. The discussions around Sugar's alien appearance were extensive, involving creators, producers, and visual effects teams experimenting with various designs to strike the right balance between alien and human, ensuring the impact resonates with the audience.

Kinberg acknowledges the gamble of integrating such a bold twist, which initially met resistance from potential networks concerned about the genre mash-up. However, Apple TV+ embraced the vision, allowing the show to explore these creative risks.

This decision has paid off, as viewers are now deeply invested in the unfolding mystery and the unique narrative style. "Sugar" airs new episodes every Friday on Apple TV+, with each installment unveiling more about the intriguing world of John Sugar, whose complexity as a character is matched only by the show's ambitious storytelling.

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