Sam Asghari Distraught Over Britney Spears' Tragic Hotel Incident with Paul Soliz

Britney Spears faces new challenges in her personal life.

by Nouman Rasool
Sam Asghari Distraught Over Britney Spears' Tragic Hotel Incident with Paul Soliz
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Sam Asghari is reportedly feeling deep concern for Britney Spears following a troubling incident involving first responders at a Los Angeles hotel early Thursday morning. According to a source close to Asghari, the fitness expert is distressed that Spears, his ex-wife, seems to be lacking a supportive circle during this challenging time.

“Sam will always have a soft spot for Britney and will always be protective over her,” the source shared with Us Weekly, emphasizing the emotional toll the recent event at the Chateau Marmont has taken on Asghari.

As someone who has been a pillar of support for Spears in her past difficulties, Asghari reportedly finds it "heartbreaking" to see her struggle from afar. "Sam is a helper and was there for her in her hardest times. He hopes she is OK," the source added.

Spears' Troubling Relationship

The incident that has caused such concern involved Spears, 42, and her new boyfriend, Paul Richard Soliz. Asghari, 30, is said to be particularly worried about the dynamics of Spears' current relationship, which echoes some patterns familiar to him from his time with the pop star.

This week has seen Spears making headlines after first responders were dispatched to the luxe hotel in West Hollywood, California, following an alleged disturbance involving the singer and Soliz. Initial reports from sources close to Spears suggested that the call was the result of a dispute between the couple.

While Spears acknowledged sustaining an ankle injury, she refuted any suggestions of a physical altercation with Soliz through an Instagram post. “Just to let people know… the news is fake !!!,” Spears declared.

She added, “I also twisted my ankle last night and paramedics showed up at my door illegally. They never entered my room but I felt completely harassed”. This incident is not the first time Spears and Soliz have been linked to public disputes.

TMZ reported that four months prior, the couple had a significant altercation in a Las Vegas hotel room, which marked another intense chapter in their tumultuous relationship.

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