Britney Spears Injures Ankle at Hotel

Pop star Britney Spears suffers mishap during hotel visit.

by Nouman Rasool
Britney Spears Injures Ankle at Hotel
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The most recent accident at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles was suffered by Britney Spears, who twisted her ankle. The pop sensation, who is celebrating her 42nd birthday this week, shared in an Instagram post last Thursday, May 2, a video of the incident that caused her injury.

In the video, Spears is seen with her ankle quite swollen, as she explained how the incident happened while she was trying to do a jump in her living room at the hotel. "I really twisted my ankle last night like an idiot. This is to show proof," Spears quipped in her post.

She humorously added, "F---ing idiot here tries to do a leap in the living room at the Chateau, and I fell, embarrassed myself, and that's it." The accident had already made paramedics come to her whereabouts, which she referred to as making "this huge scene." She then accepted the seriousness of the accident, still with a hint of her sarcasm when she said, "But yeah, it is actually pretty bad.

but s--- happens." The hotel incident also followed reports that she had some altercation with Paul Richard Soliz, whom she dated since August 2023, after her split with Sam Asghari. It happened just days before she was injured.

Britney Spears' New Beginnings

In other related news, Spears has been at the center of some very big personal changes with a new settlement in a court of law with her dad, Jamie Spears, over those legal fees stemming from the conservatorship that ended over two years ago.

That settlement was reached in Los Angeles Superior Court on April 25, but the terms were not disclosed. What's more, documents obtained by E. News showed a Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County judge also signed off this week on Spears' official split from Asghari.

The divorce, said to be an amicable one, was done in compliance with the prenuptial agreement Spears and her most recent ex reportedly had in place, as both sides reportedly had respect for the deal without question. "The divorce was amicable and the prenup was not challenged," a source close to the situation shared.

"Britney is continuing to flex her freedom and is moving on." Their single status will be officially declared on December 2, after the statutory six months waiting period passed by the state of California. Now it is a new beginning for Spears, to take care of her independence and get into her life.

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