Billie Lourd Echoes Carrie Fisher's Favorite Star Wars Film

Billie Lourd continues her family's legacy with Star Wars.

by Nouman Rasool
Billie Lourd Echoes Carrie Fisher's Favorite Star Wars Film
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ahead of May 4, which is the day universally recognized as Star Wars Day, actress Billie Lourd is collaborating with eBay to curate an exclusive collection of memorabilia from the iconic sci-fi series. The 31-year-old daughter of the late Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher revealed to PEOPLE the deep connection to the series, calling the experience "surreal" and "absolutely incredible." Lourd, who starred alongside her mother in the Star Wars sequel trilogy as Lieutenant Connix, said the Star Wars franchise felt like a gift.

"To have actually appeared in these films feels like a tremendous gift, not just for me, but for future generations of my family," Lourd said. Known for being quite open with fans and whimsical, she lovingly used the term "Star Wars fuhreak" when describing her love of the saga.

Lourd said, "Choosing my favourite Star Wars film is hard but, it's always a close tie between 'The Empire Strikes Back,' which was my mom's favourite, and recognizing the timelessness of 'A New Hope' and finding so many iconic scenes in 'Return of the Jedi'".

Lourd's Star Wars Passion

Lourd's love for Star Wars does not stop on the silver screen. She even shares some of the fan collectible items when eBay had the "Your Side of the Fourth" event, in which she chooses items that meant so much to her and other fans.

Leading her collection are Princess Leia memorabilia. "I have already bid on a few items and have even purchased several Princess Leia-themed shirts," Lourd shared. She said that she might even need to invest in some storage for her ever-growing collection of Star Wars clothing.

Among the most coveted collectibles up for the bidding is the rare Princess Leia trading card, which Lourd admitted she would really cherish. "That trading card is going to be a nightmare—that would be a dream," she tried to tone down her possibility of bagging it.

Among the items she eyes: a lightsaber hilt signed by Mark Hamill, the holy grail for fans of the franchise, and a Swarovski crystal-encrusted Boba Fett head, which marries her love of the series with the penchant for sparkle that she inherited from her mother.

Coming up for Star Wars Day, Lourd's plans are to style herself, be surrounded by memorabilia, and the carrying on of family tradition. "We're big on May-the-4th celebrations," she said, elaborating in her intention to dress up in a Leia-themed outfit and watch the beloved films.

This rare eBay collection allows you to get your hands on a small piece of Star Wars history—from the man deeply connected to the saga, personally and professionally.