Ryan Gosling's 'The Fall Guy' Earns $3.15M in Preview Showings

Ryan Gosling shines in an action-packed cinematic tribute.

by Nouman Rasool
Ryan Gosling's 'The Fall Guy' Earns $3.15M in Preview Showings
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Ryan Gosling's The Fall Guy has hit the ground running at the box office, premiering for Thursday previews to an impressive $3.15M. The film, now based on the 1980s TV show that starred Lee Majors, is next to make a huge impact in the cinemas in North America.

The Leitch-helmed feature, who has previously directed the pulse-pounding thrillers "Bullet Train" and "Atomic Blonde," is a big actioner about the dangerous and adrenalized world of Hollywood stuntmen. With Gosling on the front burner, it's about Seavers, a stuntman who leaves the business due to a traumatizing on-set accident in which his career and love interest—Jody Moreno, played by Emily Blunt—are lost.

But things get interesting as the story develops further: Colt is brought back into the game to find a missing actor that he once doubled for, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. This actor has gone missing, and it could jeopardize a film not only important to the studio but also the directorial debut of Colt's ex-girlfriend.

Stunt Spectacle Highlighted

However, "The Fall Guy" is not just the average action movie but a tribute to the stunt community. It literally serves as a showcase for a series of high-octane stunts underlining film's unsung heroes, and the production banner of the film, 87 North—helmed by Leitch and producer Kelly McCormick—has put this in the forefront.

While it does emphasize that the focus remains on the extraordinary feats performed by the stunt professionals, 87 North, the production company, also constantly reiterates this point. Opening in North America this weekend is "The Fall Guy," a film that will be shown in 4,002 theaters and is expected to see its weekend figures range somewhere between $30 million to $35 million.

This is a very good number, reflecting just how much the public wants it and how the marketing was aggressive. What is even more remarkable is how $130 million in costs could have been recouped. In a sign of the times, that's compared to the $2.5 preview garnered by Sandra Bullock action-comedy-romance "The Lost City" exactly a year ago at the same time before going on to open to $105 million in North America. The Sony horror pic "Tarot" has clocked first previews of $715,000 and is seeing a market range of between $5M-$6M.

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