Ed Sheeran Halts New Music Release This Year, Daughters Enjoy Unreleased Tracks

Ed Sheeran discusses life changes and musical pause

by Zain ul Abedin
Ed Sheeran Halts New Music Release This Year, Daughters Enjoy Unreleased Tracks
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In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE at the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Gala, held at Dodgers Stadium on May 2, Ed Sheeran shared insights into his current musical endeavors and his decision to pause new releases this year.

At 33, the celebrated singer-songwriter is choosing to cherish his time on tour and with his family over expanding his discography in the immediate future. Sheeran, who captivated audiences last year with two album releases while touring, expressed the intensity of managing simultaneous projects.

"I released two records on tour last year, and it's quite a lot being on tour and releasing records. So, I've made the new music and I'm just going to sit on it for a bit," he disclosed during the gala. This decision marks a significant shift for Sheeran, who seems to be embracing a slower pace after a bustling period in his career.

Family First for Sheeran

While new tracks from Sheeran won't grace the airwaves this year, his latest compositions have already found an appreciative audience at home. His daughters, Lyra Antarctica, 3, and Jupiter, who celebrated her first birthday this May, are reportedly fans of his latest work.

Sheeran shared that his home environment rarely revisits his past hits, focusing instead on his current projects. "I don't really play my old songs in the house," he explained, adding that "they mostly know the new songs that I'm working on because I play them quite a lot." The influence of fatherhood on Sheeran's life and career has been profound.

Reflecting on his lifestyle changes since becoming a parent, he recounted a conversation with James Corden on *The Late Late Show* in 2021, where he highlighted a healthier, more grounded routine. "Well, I became a dad and I feel like my lifestyle shift has changed.

Instead of going to bed at six [a.m.], I'm getting up at four," he said, noting the positive impact of these changes. "It just feels like what life was meant to be. It's great. I'm healthier than I've ever been. I'm exercising every day... I'm spending so much time at home making the record. Yeah, I feel like a human being. It's good."

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