Lionel Richie Eager for Call with 'Fantastic' King Charles Post-Gala

Lionel Richie shares uplifting update at NYC gala event

by Zain ul Abedin
Lionel Richie Eager for Call with 'Fantastic' King Charles Post-Gala
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During the inaugural King’s Trust Global Gala in New York City, Lionel Richie, the beloved music icon and American Idol judge, shared an encouraging update about King Charles’ health. The monarch, who recently resumed public duties following his cancer diagnosis in February, is reportedly in excellent spirits and making commendable progress.

Richie, 74, expressed his relief and satisfaction with the monarch’s recovery. “Happily I can say, he is doing fantastic,” Richie disclosed to PEOPLE. He humorously added a note of advice, emphasizing the importance of rest for the King.

“Again, I understand, he needs to sit still, you know what I’m saying,” said the “All Night Long” singer. The Grammy winner further elaborated on the monarch’s resilience and commitment to his royal duties.

“The most important part is he is doing well. He’s back to his duties, and so, therefore, I wouldn’t want the first thing for him to do is come over - let’s not prove anything here,” Richie commented, highlighting the King’s dedication to his role despite his health challenges.

Richie Anticipates Royal Call

As a King’s Trust Global Ambassador and Chairman of the Global Ambassadors Group, Richie’s presence at the gala underscored his support and representation for the cause. He also teased about a future conversation with King Charles post-event.

“Believe me, my question [from him] now is, ‘How was it?’ After I finish tonight, I’m gonna get that call saying, ‘Well, how was it?’” Richie joked, indicating the King’s interest in the gala’s success.

Buckingham Palace has been open about King Charles’ health, stating that his recovery is on a positive trajectory and that he is keen to resume full duties. They have planned several engagements for him, including a significant state visit at Buckingham Palace for the Emperor and Empress of Japan in late June.

Richie, who has known King Charles for many years, also reflected on their long-standing relationship and his recent role at the royal coronation. “I really do celebrate his now stepping into the king role,” Richie stated, acknowledging the historical significance of the moment.

He shared his awe and honor at being chosen to perform at such a prestigious event, a moment he described as unexpected and profoundly gratifying.

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