Corey Feldman Criticizes 'Shocking' Barbara Walters Exchange on The View

Corey Feldman discusses past controversies and unresolved issues

by Zain ul Abedin
Corey Feldman Criticizes 'Shocking' Barbara Walters Exchange on The View
© Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Corey Feldman recently revisited a deeply unsettling moment from his 2013 appearance on "The View," which still lingers in his memory as painfully as ever. The actor's attempt to shed light on the pervasive issue of child predation in Hollywood was met with scepticism and reproach from then-co-host Barbara Walters, whom he had once held in high esteem.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Feldman described the exchange with Walters as a betrayal, likening it to "a knife in the heart." He recounted the shocking disbelief he felt when Walters accused him of "damaging an entire industry" by calling out child predators during the live broadcast.

At the time, Feldman was promoting his memoir, "Coreyography," where he courageously detailed the alleged s-xual assaults he and fellow child star Corey Haim endured at the hands of prominent industry figures.

Feldman's Unresolved Conflict

A segment of that fateful interview, which has recently resurfaced, captures a tense Feldman warning of powerful and wealthy abusers still active within the industry.

Despite his grave allegations, Walters challenged his claims, suggesting he was tarnishing the entire film and television sector. Feldman, taken aback, insisted his intentions were not to harm but to highlight a critical and serious issue.

Despite Walters' passing in December 2022, Feldman revealed he never received an apology from her. He expressed a mix of resignation and hope, noting that some of his supporters on social media have offered apologies on Walters' behalf for her failure to acknowledge or apologize for the contentious interview.

Looking forward, Feldman finds solace in the growing number of child stars who are now speaking out about their own harrowing experiences through projects like the docuseries "Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV." This trend, he believes, signifies a shifting tide in the industry’s approach to addressing these long-ignored abuses.

With a tone of cautious optimism, Feldman shared his hope that the evolving discourse might eventually lead to a broader acknowledgement and justice for the victims of such heinous acts. He remains committed to advocating for those voices, including his and Haim's, that have been suppressed for too long, yearning for the day when their stories are told fully and fairly.