Gordon Ramsay Honors Maddy Baloy, Cancer Patient and Inspired Fan

A touching story unfolds around celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay

by Zain ul Abedin
Gordon Ramsay Honors Maddy Baloy, Cancer Patient and Inspired Fan
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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is mourning the loss of Maddy Baloy, a 26-year-old TikTok influencer who bravely shared her battle with stage 4 cancer. Baloy, who passed away peacefully on Wednesday, May 1, was known not just for her spirited fight against the disease but also for her profound admiration for Ramsay, which she frequently shared on her social media.

In January, Baloy posted a video outlining her 19 urgent bucket list items, with meeting Ramsay featuring prominently. The video caught Ramsay's attention and soon went viral, leading to a heartwarming encounter between the chef and his ardent fan.

This dream-come-true moment was captured in February when Ramsay invited Baloy to be his "VVIP" guest at the opening night of his restaurant, Lucky Cat, in Miami. The event was documented by Ramsay on TikTok, where he expressed his honor in hosting Baloy.

The following day, Ramsay took to Instagram to share a touching tribute, posting a clip of him and Baloy dancing in the kitchen. Overcome with emotion, Ramsay wrote, "She was kind, fun, and a true inspiration to me and my three girls.

Knowing we were able to make one of her dreams come true will always be cherished by me. She’ll always be my first & last dance in the kitchen and never forgotten."

Shared Grief and Praise

The post not only reflected Ramsay’s personal loss but also highlighted the deep impact Baloy had on those around her, including her fiancé, Louis Risher, who stated, "Her vibrancy and passion for life were contagious." Actor Taylor Lautner, who met Baloy during her appearance on his podcast 'The Squeeze', commented on Ramsay’s post, "You’re a special one, Gordon ??." Baloy's own TikTok account also featured memories from the meet, including clips of her and Ramsay's joyful interactions.

Her caption read, "GORDON RAMSAY! The biggest honor and the coolest night of my whole entire life. And for everyone who made this happen; I love you @Gordon Ramsay!” In response, Ramsay shared his newfound inspiration from Baloy, thanking her for teaching him to dance in the kitchen for the first time.

Reflecting on her time with Ramsay, Baloy told PEOPLE in March, "He's just the coolest man in the world. He gave us the VIP A-list, celebrity experience."

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