Jason Priestley Reveals Why He Traded LA for Nashville Life

Actor Jason Priestley embraces a fresh start in Nashville.

by Nouman Rasool
Jason Priestley Reveals Why He Traded LA for Nashville Life
© Jeremy Chan/Getty Images

Jason Priestley, who is best known for his role as Brandon Walsh in "Beverly Hills, 90210," has recently revealed why his family decided to relocate from the bustling streets of Los Angeles to the serene and tranquil suburb of Nashville.

They were impressed with the educational opportunities their children could receive in the city of Tennessee, and it has brought a new turn in the personal life of the actor. The decision came after a conditional agreement between Priestley and his wife, Naomi.

“My wife and I agreed that if both our kids got accepted into their school here, we’d make the move to Nashville,” Priestley recounted during an interview with E! News. Mirroring their hopes, both children were admitted, sealing the family’s fate to head eastward.

Priestley revealed that life in Nashville offers a simpler, more grounded experience compared to the perpetual motion of Los Angeles. At 54, the actor appreciates the slower pace of life that comes with the region's distinct four seasons.

“It’s easier to navigate life here. You get a sense of time passing with the seasonal changes, which helps make time feel a bit slower,” he explained.

Seasonal Shifts Appreciated

In Los Angeles, the constant, unchanging climate blurred the lines between months for Priestley.

“There, you could barely tell the difference between March and October. Time just seemed to evaporate,” he said. Now settled in Nashville, the family relishes in the opportunities each season offers, from autumnal festivities to spring renewals.

Priestley's journey to Nashville is intertwined with his personal life milestones, particularly his marriage to Naomi, an English makeup artist he met unexpectedly while crossing a London street. Naomi, reflecting on their meeting on her website, described it as "truly serendipitous." She narrated their whirlwind life together through various cities around the globe before finally settling in the U.S.

Today, Jason Priestley’s life in Nashville is not just about enjoying a quieter lifestyle but also about embracing a community where he feels time is a friend, not a foe—a stark contrast to his former LA life.

This move isn't just a change of scenery, but a profound shift towards a life that prioritizes family, simplicity, and the sweet cadence of seasonal changes.