Putin 'Alarmed' as Ukrainian Diplomat Reveals Potential Next Military Move

U.S. bolsters Ukraine with crucial long-range missile aid

by Zain ul Abedin
Putin 'Alarmed' as Ukrainian Diplomat Reveals Potential Next Military Move
© WPA Pool /Getty Images

In a recent development that has reportedly unsettled Russian President Vladimir Putin, a prominent Ukrainian diplomat subtly hinted at Kyiv's next strategic military maneuver. This disclosure has seemingly intensified concerns within the Kremlin about Ukraine's potential targets.

Putin, alongside his military advisors, had perceived a shift in the conflict's momentum, particularly through the winter months. Russian forces were noted for recapturing significant ground and securing tactical victories.

However, the latest statements from Ukraine may alter the battlefield dynamics yet again. Currently, the Russian military is advancing westward from Avdiivka in the Donbas region toward Kramatorsk. The focal point of fierce clashes has been Chasiv Yar, a key city that Ukrainian forces under President Volodymyr Zelensky are strenuously defending.

This area's strategic importance cannot be overstated, as control here is crucial for both sides.

U.S. Aid Shifts Balance

Amid these developments, the Kremlin has benefitted from delays in military support to Ukraine caused by political disagreements among Kyiv’s Western allies.

Such delays have temporarily provided Russian forces with a substantial advantage. On the front lines, Ukrainian troops have been reported to be significantly outmatched in terms of firepower and manpower by Russian forces.

However, the scales may be tipping in Ukraine's favor with the recent approval of a $61 billion military aid package by the U.S. Congress. This package is believed to include ATACMS ballistic missiles, capable of reaching up to 186 miles, allowing Ukrainian forces to target deep within Russian territory.

There is speculation that one such target could be the strategically vital Kerch Bridge. The bridge, a vital artery linking occupied Crimea with mainland Russia, was a significant project commissioned by Putin and completed between 2016 and 2018.

It has been essential for supporting Russian military operations in Crimea and other occupied regions. Following an attack in October 2022, the bridge suffered considerable damage, underscoring its vulnerability and importance.

In a cryptic social media post, Ukraine's UN envoy Sergiy Kyslytsya alluded to potential targets, using an illustrative list of bridges – notably leaving a conspicuous blank for the Kerch Bridge. This subtle yet potent hint points towards Ukraine’s possible strategic intentions, stirring unease about the security of critical Russian infrastructures as the conflict continues to unfold.