Ryan Gosling Shares the One 'Fall Guy' Stunt His Daughters Urged Him to Avoid

Exploring the daring world of stunts in cinema

by Zain ul Abedin
Ryan Gosling Shares the One 'Fall Guy' Stunt His Daughters Urged Him to Avoid
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In the adrenaline-fueled movie "The Fall Guy," Ryan Gosling, the celebrated actor and producer, shares an intriguing behind-the-scenes detail about his performance—or rather, a performance he stepped back from at the behest of his daughters.

Esmeralda Amada, age 9, and Amada Lee, age 8, made a special request to their father: no fire stunts. Despite Gosling's reassurances about the safety measures in place, including fire-resistant clothing and protective gel, his daughters were adamant.

"No fire," they insisted. Thus, Gosling complied, handing over the fiery task to one of his stunt doubles, Ben Jenkin. "The Fall Guy," set to hit theaters this Friday, May 3, draws inspiration from Lee Majors’ iconic 1980s TV series.

Directed by David Leitch, the film pays tribute to the often overlooked heroes of the film industry: stunt professionals. At the film's premiere at SXSW on March 13, Gosling expressed his admiration for stunt workers, emphasizing their crucial yet underappreciated role in filmmaking.

Gosling's Stunt Bravery

Despite a personal fear of heights, Gosling undertook several of his stunts to honor the essence of the movie. One of the most heart-stopping moments involved him performing a backward fall from 12 stories high, a stunt captured in the film's opening scene.

This daunting feat was performed repeatedly, drawing cheers from the cast and crew during the initial takes. Emily Blunt, Gosling's co-star in the film, recalled the tense atmosphere during these moments, highlighting the bravery and intensity of Gosling's performance.

The commitment to authenticity extended beyond Gosling. The stunt team, including parkour expert Jenkin, driving double Logan Holladay, high fall specialist Troy Brown, and martial artist Justin Eaton, played pivotal roles in choreographing and safely executing the film’s intricate action sequences.

The team's dedication was showcased during a tribute montage to stunt performers presented by Gosling and Blunt at the 2024 Academy Awards. Additionally, Holladay was recognized with a Guinness World Record for executing the most cannon rolls in a car for the movie.

Gosling's involvement in "The Fall Guy" underscores a broader message about the integral role of stunt work in cinema. Action scenes, he notes, are crafted with as much care and creativity as any other element of filmmaking, yet the physical risks stunt performers take are often overlooked.

"The Fall Guy" not only entertains but also advocates for greater recognition and appreciation of the art and risk inherent in stunt work. As the film debuts, it brings both a thrilling narrative and a critical acknowledgment of these cinematic craftsmen to the forefront, promising viewers an exciting and reflective cinematic experience.

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