Robert De Niro Filming TV Show, Not Confronting Protestors, Says Rep

Netflix addresses misconceptions about De Niro's on-set outburst.

by Nouman Rasool
Robert De Niro Filming TV Show, Not Confronting Protestors, Says Rep
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In recent news, a video showing Robert De Niro screaming in a mob has gone viral, and some confused users on social media have associated the actor with the ongoing Israel-Hamas battle. But De Niro's rep, Stan Rosenfield, said the video was shot as part of a rehearsal for an upcoming Netflix series, "Zero Day." The video, taken from the audience, shows De Niro in the middle of a loud back-and-forth with onlooker Jesse Plemons while pro-Palestinian protesters were in the audience.This interpretation was fueled further by captions that incorrectly linked his dialogue to the Israel-Palestine situation.

Rosenfield has confirmed that De Niro’s dialogue was entirely scripted and taken from a scene where his character—playing a former U.S. President—addresses a group of paid extras. The scene is part of the filming for "Zero Day," which was taking place on the bustling streets of New York.

The representative emphasized that the scene and its contents have no connection to real-world political events.

Netflix Clarifies Context

Netflix also stepped in to affirm that the content of De Niro’s speech was strictly from the series' script, underscoring that it does not pertain to any actual demonstrations or political opinions regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict.

"Zero Day" is a conspiracy thriller where De Niro portrays a retired U.S. President who is drawn back into action to lead a commission investigating a looming global crisis prompted by a serious cyber-attack. The series promises to blend political intrigue with high-stakes drama, featuring a star-studded cast including Lizzy Caplan, Joan Allen, Connie Britton, Matthew Modine, and Angela Bassett.

The show, marking De Niro's first significant television role, is directed by Lesli Linka Glatter of "Homeland" fame. The misrepresentation of the rehearsal footage underscores the impact of social media in shaping narratives quickly—often before the facts can be established.

In this case, the quick clarification from De Niro's camp helps set the record straight, highlighting the importance of verifying information in an age where digital content can be easily and rapidly disseminated across platforms.

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