Rob Marciano Departs ABC News, 'GMA' Following Controversial Reports

ABC Faces Turmoil as Veteran Meteorologist Marciano Exits

by Zain ul Abedin
Rob Marciano Departs ABC News, 'GMA' Following Controversial Reports
© Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Rob Marciano, a prominent figure at ABC News and "Good Morning America" (GMA), has parted ways with the network following a series of troubling allegations. His departure marks the end of a decade-long tenure filled with notable contributions but recently overshadowed by claims of misconduct.

Hired in 2014, Marciano quickly rose to prominence within the network, taking on the role of senior meteorologist for both "World News Tonight" and the weekend broadcasts of GMA. His expertise and engaging on-air presence made him a household name, particularly recognized for his coverage of severe weather events.

However, his career at ABC took a dramatic turn following reports from multiple sources, including Page Six of the New York Post, which indicated that Marciano's behavior behind the scenes led to significant internal concerns.

Allegations of "anger-management" issues and "improper" conduct prompted the network to temporarily ban him from the GMA studio, a drastic measure indicating the severity of the concerns raised.

Marciano's Final Days

Despite these challenges, Marciano maintained a positive outlook publicly.

In a post on Instagram in September of last year, he celebrated his 10th anniversary with ABC, reflecting on his dreams of working for the network and expressing gratitude towards his employers for allowing him a work-life balance conducive to spending weekends with his children.

One of Marciano's last assignments for ABC was a report on storm recovery efforts in Louisiana. The report aired on Sunday, showcasing his ongoing commitment to covering critical news stories. The full details of the allegations remain unclear as both Marciano and ABC have not publicly disclosed the specifics of the claims.

However, the impact of these developments on his career is undeniable, marking a significant shift for the veteran meteorologist who once had a bright future at the network. As the situation unfolds, the industry and audiences alike are keenly watching to see how this will affect not only Marciano's career but also how ABC News handles such significant internal matters.

For now, the meteorologist's departure is a reminder of the complexities and challenges that can arise behind the scenes in the world of broadcast journalism.