Sandoval Regrets Sharing Ariana’s Mental Health: 'She Didn’t Deserve That'

Vanderpump Rules star confronts past mistakes in heartfelt apology

by Zain ul Abedin
Sandoval Regrets Sharing Ariana’s Mental Health: 'She Didn’t Deserve That'
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Tom Sandoval regretted his recent behaviour during the widely publicized "Scandoval" on "Vanderpump Rules." His candid admission came during a revealing conversation in the April 30 episode, during which the 41-year-old restaurateur reflected on the fallout with his ex, Ariana Madix.

The controversy unraveled when Scheana Shay, a fellow cast member and close friend to Madix, pressed Sandoval about his decision to discuss Madix's mental health issues publicly. The drama intensified following Sandoval's breakup attempt, during which he claimed Madix had "threatened to f---ing kill herself." This admission sparked backlash, leading to accusations of Sandoval weaponizing sensitive personal information against Madix.

In a poignant scene, Shay sought to make Sandoval realize the gravity of his actions, emphasizing how publicizing private struggles could exacerbate the situation. "I'm trying to get Sandoval to understand that exposing private details about her mental health makes things so much worse," Shay revealed in a confessional.

She urged Sandoval to acknowledge his mistakes and consider a genuine apology a step toward healing within their social circle.

Sandoval's Regretful Admission

The dialogue between Shay and Sandoval highlighted deeper issues within their relationship, touching on Madix's significant personal investments, like freezing her eggs and purchasing a home, all in hopes of building a future with Sandoval.

Sandoval's response revealed a mixture of remorse and reflection. "Me explaining where I was emotionally and mentally has come across as blaming Ariana,” he admitted. “I'm not. I screwed up and no matter how our relationship went south in ways, she didn't deserve that." Meanwhile, Madix had her perspective on forgiveness, discussing it with Scheana’s husband, Brock Davies.

Contrary to traditional views that associate forgiveness with healing, Madix articulated a strong stance on maintaining her feelings of hurt and anger. "There's power to me in hurt and anger and in female emotion," she asserted, challenging the conventional expectation for women to remain composed.

Madix also critiqued outdated therapeutic approaches, advocating for "gray rocking and going no contact" as effective strategies to avoid manipulative situations. The episode not only delved into the complexities of personal and emotional boundaries but also underscored the ongoing challenges in navigating public life and personal trauma within the reality TV landscape. "Vanderpump Rules" continues to offer a raw look at the lives of its stars, airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.