John Mayer Quips Sammy Hagar 'Always Has More Fun' During Walk of Fame Honor

Sammy Hagar celebrates vibrant life with Hollywood star honor

by Zain ul Abedin
John Mayer Quips Sammy Hagar 'Always Has More Fun' During Walk of Fame Honor
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Hollywood's famed Walk of Fame shimmered a bit brighter on Tuesday, April 30, as rock legend Sammy Hagar, known for his electrifying tenure with Van Halen, was honored with a star. The ceremony was a musical gathering, highlighted by the presence of his friend and fellow musician, John Mayer, who delivered a heartfelt homage to Hagar.

At 76, Hagar's career spans several decades of rock history, a journey Mayer touched on with reverence and humor in front of the gathered fans and media. Wearing a Van Halen t-shirt, Mayer shared a poignant story of their first encounter, which set the tone for their lasting friendship.

It was a spontaneous duet of Van Halen's "Dreams" during a rehearsal break that bonded them - a moment Mayer described as unforgettable. Their friendship deepened as Mayer navigated his role with Dead & Company, a position Hagar understood well, given his history of joining an established band under the spotlight.

Mayer recounted Hagar's supportive presence during those early, nerve-wracking days, humorously noting how Hagar let him drive his Lotus Esprit, a gesture showcasing Hagar's generous spirit.

Sammy Hagar: Living Fully

Mayer's speech painted a picture of Hagar as a rock icon and a man who lives with zest.

He celebrated Hagar's approach to life and career, driven by a pursuit of fun and fulfillment rather than mere accolades. "Sammy has the kind of fun that we only dream about letting ourselves have," Mayer remarked, capturing Hagar's ethos of living life to the fullest.

The ceremony wasn't just about past achievements. Hagar, whose energy remains undimmed, joked about his laid-back, often shirtless lifestyle, bringing laughter with tales of casual FaceTime calls with Mayer. The rocker's continued passion for music and performance is evident in his upcoming projects, including the launch of Sammy’s Island at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas and a summer tour that promises to revisit some of his classic hits with Van Halen.

As the event concluded, the crowd was reminded of Hagar's enduring impact on rock music, celebrated through his songs and vibrant approach to life. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, represented by Ana Martinez, expressed their thrill in honoring Hagar, a figure whose journey from the streets of Fontana, California, to the Hollywood Walk of Fame encapsulates a remarkable story of rock and resilience.

The event, fittingly emceed by celebrity chef Guy Fieri, was not just a tribute to a musician but a celebration of a dynamic friendship and an extraordinarily lived life. As Hagar prepares for his upcoming ventures, his star on the Walk of Fame stands as a testament to a career that continues to inspire and entertain, proving that the best may yet be on the horizon for Sammy Hagar.