Dwayne Johnson's On-Set Behavior Leaves 'Red One' Crew Uncomfortable

Production woes mount for 'Red One' amid budget concerns.

by Nouman Rasool
Dwayne Johnson's On-Set Behavior Leaves 'Red One' Crew Uncomfortable
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Reports from the set of the upcoming blockbuster Red One suggest that Dwayne Johnson's unorthodox method of relieving himself has sparked discomfort among the film crew. The renowned actor, popularly known as The Rock, reportedly resorts to using empty water bottles instead of visiting the restroom, a practice that has left some crew members uneasy.

The 51-year-old Hollywood heavyweight, who has a storied career spanning wrestling and acting, apparently has a preference for a specific brand of bottled water when nature calls. "Away from his trailer, if he needs to pee, he doesn’t head to the public bathroom," a source disclosed to The Wrap.

Instead, Johnson opts for a more private solution, using a Voss water bottle, which then needs to be disposed of by his team or a personal assistant. This peculiar habit was previously mentioned by Johnson in a 2021 Esquire interview, where he explained, "I usually stay pretty hydrated.

I need to go to the bathroom a lot, not excessively, but maybe a couple of times during a workout. So I break out the bottle."

Production Delays Escalate

However, the movie star's practices have reportedly not been the only issue on set.

His chronic tardiness has also been a topic of contention. According to further details from The Wrap, Johnson's delays have occasionally caused significant disruptions, forcing the crew to adapt filming schedules. This has allegedly contributed to a ballooning budget that has now exceeded $250 million and pushed the film's release from Christmas 2023 to November 2024.

The source added that Johnson "showed up as much as eight hours late to set on some days," complicating production further. In response to these claims, a spokesperson from Amazon MGM vehemently denied any negative impact caused by Johnson's alleged tardiness.

"The reports are both ridiculous and false," the spokesperson stated. "We couldn't have achieved this without Dwayne’s constant work and support. Any suggestion that we reached this point with him showing up significantly late is completely unfounded." As Red One readies itself for its postponed opening, these kinds of dramas behind the scenes only add another layer of excitement and anticipation to this film, which also stars Chris Evans and J.K.

Simmons. If such storylines passed in this movie, it's one of the most wanted releases and is promised high-octane action and star-studded performances.

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