King Charles Resumes Duties Post-Cancer

Monarch's public reappearance marks a significant royal milestone.

by Nouman Rasool
King Charles Resumes Duties Post-Cancer
© Tim Rooke/Getty Images

King Charles III has just resumed royal duties by making a touching visit to the University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre in London; this is his first official appearance after it was revealed in February that he was receiving treatment for cancer.

At 75, the health of the monarch has been a concern following Buckingham Palace's revelation that he was battling an undisclosed type of cancer, the diagnosis for which caused him to retreat from public duties for a short period.

He chatted warmly with the hospital staff and patients while sharing his own experiences of treatment, all in the company of Queen Camilla. In the published report of the UK Mirror, Charles, talking to one patient who was receiving chemotherapy, shared, "I've got to have my treatment this afternoon as well." When the next patient asked how he was doing, he replied, "I'm all right, thank you very much – not too bad." The visit had been a personal, if not political, watershed for Charles and had showed his intentions to take up his royal duties again.

Pictures from the event captured the King looking moved at several points, which very much suited the emotional gravity of the occasion.

Royals' Public Return

The hospital visit is just the first in a series of long-planned public engagements.

Buckingham Palace confirmed this month that King Charles and Queen Camilla will welcome the Emperor and Empress of Japan for a visit in June, the first of a full schedule of royal duties. In a message full of warmth, the Palace also said that it was in this way—thanks to the respect of all the monarchs of the world—that the King was adding strength as he faces the first anniversary of his coronation.

The Palace thanked global support that the royals had received during the past challenging year: "Their Majesties remain deeply grateful for the many kindnesses and good wishes they have received from around the world," the statement read.

Other related news in the royal family: their daughter-in-law, the Princess of Wales, is also fighting for her life against cancer. She publicly confirmed her diagnosis, about which there was speculation during the last months, because the Princess had not been seen in public.

This has forced Prince William to cut back on his own activities in order to be with her, showing how the personal problems that have dogged the royal family down the years have persisted behind the facade of their public duties.

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