Dax Shepard Posts Clip of Kristen Bell Buzzed on Laughing Gas at Dentist

Explore Kristen Bell's unexpected reaction during a routine checkup

by Zain ul Abedin
Dax Shepard Posts Clip of Kristen Bell Buzzed on Laughing Gas at Dentist
© Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Dax Shepard recently shared an amusing video of his wife, Kristen Bell, experiencing the effects of nitrous oxide during a dermatologist visit. Captured during a FaceTime call, the clip shows the beloved "Frozen" star in a rare, candid state, providing fans with a humorous glimpse into the couple's private life.

The video, which Shepard posted to his Instagram on April 26, features him interacting with Bell while she is under the influence of nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. The gas, which was administered during a routine visit to Bell's dermatologist, seemed to have left the actress quite "gassed," as Shepard humorously noted.

The substance used, referred to by Bell as "The Nox," is a blend of nitrous oxide and oxygen, often used to ease anxiety and pain during medical procedures.

Unexpected Moments Shared

In the footage, Shepard can be heard asking Bell if the experience made her happy, to which an disoriented Bell tears up and mouthes "No." This unexpected reaction not only adds a layer of humor to the situation but also showcases the couple's playful and open dynamic.

Shepard, who has spoken openly about his own journey with sobriety over the past two decades, couldn't help but laugh at his wife's altered state. This light-hearted share from Shepard provides a glimpse into the personal life of one of Hollywood's most endearing couples.

Known for their transparency and humor, both Shepard and Bell have previously shared various aspects of their lives, making them relatable and beloved by fans. This latest incident, while amusing, underscores the couple's willingness to share their real-life moments - ups, downs, and everything in between - with their audience.

The video serves as a humorous interlude in the lives of the celebrity couple. It subtly highlights the importance of finding joy and laughter in everyday situations, even those that might not initially seem ideal. As fans continue to follow their journey, it’s clear that Shepard and Bell's approach to life's challenges - with a smile and a laugh - resonates with many, making them a perennial favourite in Hollywood’s landscape.