Martin Freeman Addresses Controversy Over Age Gap with Co-Star Jenna Ortega

Freeman Clarifies Intent Behind Controversial New Film Role.

by Nouman Rasool
Martin Freeman Addresses Controversy Over Age Gap with Co-Star Jenna Ortega
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The actor addressed the scandal surrounding his latest film, "Miller's Girl," starring alongside Jenna Ortega. His new film has stirred some incredible online debate with a 31-year age difference between Martin Freeman, 52, and Ortega, 21.

"Miller's Girl," directed by Jade Bartlett, is a thriller that tells the very controversial and morally ambiguous story of university student Cairo and her English professor, Jonathan Miller. As of early February, the film had not hit the screens in the US yet, but it features a scuffle scene that audiences are already uncomfortable with, showing a se-ual encounter between Jonathan and Cairo.

In this line, many gave their discomforted reactions on social media, with one viewer tweeting, "MARTIN FREEMAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO JENNA ORTEGA," while another expressed, "Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman… I'm uncomfortable."

Freeman Defends Film Choices

In a recent interview with The Times, Freeman discussed the backlash and completely took a no-nonsense stance, where he pointed out how this movie had an adult perspective and how "It's not saying, 'Isn't this great?'" He even compared it to the criticism that is offered to movies with adult content and even gave the example of how Liam Neeson, as an actor, played an unwanted character in his 1993 movie, "Schindler's List", to drive his point of how hard a job an actor actually has.

In defense of the film's sensitive content, the on-set intimacy coordinator, Kristina Arjona, has been vocal about the precautions taken to ensure Ortega's comfort during filming. Speaking to The Daily Mail, Arjona explained, "There was many, many people throughout this process, engaging with [Ortega] to make sure that it was consistent with what she was comfortable with, and she was very determined and very sure of what she wanted to do." Arjona also highlighted the use of modesty garments and barriers to maintain appropriate distance during intimate scenes, assuring that both actors had the option to opt-out of any uncomfortable elements during filming.

Freeman further discussed the film's thematic complexity in an interview with Collider, acknowledging the ongoing societal discussions that the film taps into. "There are things in it which are not cut and dry, and not black and white," he noted.

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