Stephen King Mocks Elon Musk's Latest Twitter Name Change

Stephen King voices concerns over social media leadership

by Zain ul Abedin
Stephen King Mocks Elon Musk's Latest Twitter Name Change
© Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Renowned horror novelist Stephen King is no stranger to vocalizing his opinions on social media, especially regarding tech mogul Elon Musk's controversial decisions regarding the platform formerly known as Twitter. This weekend, King again took to the renamed platform, now called 'X', to express his clear preference for its original name in a viral interaction.

King's latest critique follows a series of pointed remarks aimed at Musk's policies, including the imposition of charges for verification badges and the launch of Musk's AI project. His candid approach reached new heights following the platform’s rebranding, which he has openly ridiculed.

The exchange that ignited the discourse featured a post from Musk's parody account, which queried the public's preference between the names 'X' and 'Twitter'

King's response was succinct yet impactful. He reiterated the word "Twitter" nine times, mimicking the structure of a poem. This unique style emphasised his stance and resonated widely, garnering significant support from his followers and beyond.

Challenges Beyond Naming

King's straightforward yet poetic tweet underscores a broader discontent among users, many of whom echo his sentiment.

Despite the playful nature of his comments, they reflect a serious concern among the platform's community, particularly regarding the direction under Musk’s leadership.

Beyond naming controversies, Musk faces more severe challenges, including an uptick in hate speech and a notable decline in user engagement.

Recent studies and data suggest an increase in anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim sentiments on the platform, alongside a nearly 25% drop in usage since Musk's takeover.

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