David Beckham-Griezmann Meeting Spurs Excitement Among Inter Miami Fans

Instagram Exchange Sparks Major MLS Transfer Speculation.

by Nouman Rasool
David Beckham-Griezmann Meeting Spurs Excitement Among Inter Miami Fans
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In a sensational move that has shocked the entire soccer world, Inter Miami icon David Beckham was recently photographed together with Atletico Madrid star striker Antoine Griezmann, forcing fans into serious speculation regarding a possible transfer to the MLS.

Griezmann's recent repost of Beckham's share on an Instagram story has taken the bar of excitement to new levels amongst Inter Miami fans, who are only waiting to be surprised by an association of the star with their club's current stars, Leo Messi and Luis Suarez.

Currently, leading MLS by Messi as the top goal scorer, Inter Miami has been stunning with its start this season. However, the fortunes of the team have never been better; the fans are already beginning to dream that with the likely inclusion of Antoine Griezmann in the squad, they can secure their first MLS Cup championship.

Transfer Rumors Ignite

The rumor mill of Griezmann's transfer became hot after the above-mentioned Instagram exchange between Beckham and Griezmann, in which a clear mutual admiration was on display. "Thank you, idol," Griezmann wrote, to which Beckham replied, "So good to meet you, my friend, finally." This very interaction in public circles has further fueled the speculations and rumors of Griezmann joining the Miami squad as a formidable ally to Messi and Suarez in their quest to conquer MLS.

Griezmann is valued at 35 million euros in the current market at Transfermarkt. That's the type of investment—gargantuan for a DP signing—that Inter Miami backers would need to put in to have a World Cup winner on their club.

The addition of Griezmann may really tip the scales in Inter Miami's favor, not just for star power but also because his proven skills can take the team to that next level offensively. That buzz is sure to increase as Inter Miami maintains the tempo in this MLS season, with the signing of Antoine Griezmann potentially being that one player to help transform the championship dream into a reality.

With the summer transfer window looming, all eyes will be on Inter Miami in the wish that such a blockbuster collaboration will materialize, changing their future on the field and the future of the league.

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