Kate Hudson Discusses Thawing Relations with Father

Kate Hudson opens up about evolving family connections.

by Nouman Rasool
Kate Hudson Discusses Thawing Relations with Father
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Kate Hudson shared a look at how the dynamics of her relationship with musician father Bill Hudson have been changing in a recent sit-down interview with "CBS Sunday Morning." The "Almost Famous" actress shared how complicated it was to get in touch with her biological father after years of being separated.

The two got divorced in 1982 when their kids, Kate and her brother Oliver, were still young; they were henceforth brought up by Hawn and her longtime partner, Kurt Russell. In the candid interview, Kate Hudson admitted that while the relationship between the two is touchy at best, there has been somewhat of a thaw as of late.

"There's warming ups of this all happening," Hudson explained, cautiously hopeful when it came to the future of their relationship. She focused on the fact that she is happy that her father is happy, even though they have been separated for years.

"I have no expectation," she said, stressing how much she just wants to see her dad healthy.

Hudson Family Dynamics

The history between Kate Hudson and her father was not the best. In 2015, Bill Hudson is said to have dramatically exclaimed on record that he does not have children named Kate and Oliver anymore after a not-so-pleasing Father's Day post by Oliver, which garnered his sharp rebuke, and the words: "dead to me." However, notwithstanding, Kate shared that in a 2016 interview on "The Howard Stern Show," she forgave and could empathize with the situation of his own demons her father was battling.

Adding to the mess that is the family story, Oliver Hudson himself admitted to the struggles of being brought up in the public eye, noting that he sometimes felt unprotected growing up with Hawn, as posted in the "Sibling Revelry" podcast.

This is a feeling that Kate recently shared in a TikTok video with regard to the context of public discussions and media interpretations. Only in recent years has she thought about family dynamics as part of more general consideration of personal transitions: saying goodbye to her son, Ryder, for college, an experience she describes as "the strongest love I ever had." The developing relationship between Kate Hudson and her father throws into relief the complications of family ties, especially in the glare of the public spotlight, and serves to underscore a journey toward reconciliation and understanding within this famous family.