Mark Consuelos Denies Cold Feet Before Marrying Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa reminisces about her swift, sweet Vegas wedding

by Zain ul Abedin
Mark Consuelos Denies Cold Feet Before Marrying Kelly Ripa
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During a candid episode of Live with Kelly and Mark on April 25, co-host Mark Consuelos robustly dismissed any notion of having had cold feet on his wedding day with Kelly Ripa. The conversation arose while the duo discussed a startling statistic from a recent article revealing that one in five people confess to almost fleeing their wedding ceremonies.

The couple, aged 53, playfully bantered about their May 1996 Las Vegas elopement. Ripa teased that Consuelos appeared "a little stressed out" on their big day. In response, Consuelos confidently asserted, “I was not stressed out.

So that you know, I don’t get cold feet. When I make a decision, I stand by my decision”. This revelation led to a humorous exchange where Ripa admitted to trying to coax a confession of nerves from her husband based on the article's statistics.

"I said to [executive producer Michael] Gelman, ‘Give me that cold feet article, because I’m going to get him to confess to cold feet,'" Ripa recounted with a smile.

Chapel Wedding Memories

Further lightening the mood, Consuelos pointed out Ripa's rigid posture in their wedding photo, to which she quipped it was due to the chilly temperature inside the Chapel of the Bells, despite the desert heat outside.

The couple, who first met on the set of All My Children, shared fond memories of their simple yet heartfelt wedding, which cost just $179, including airfare. Ripa described the event as "really romantic" and "very sweet," emphasizing how memorable and quick the ceremony was—"It was like two minutes!" Reflecting on their decision to elope, Ripa explained they seized the opportunity during a brief work hiatus, opting for a spontaneous and fun wedding in Las Vegas over the dreary New York winter.

This February, nearly 28 years later, the couple announced their plan to revisit the Chapel of the Bells on Live, sharing the experience with their audience. Consuelos humorously shared why he insisted on an earlier ceremony time slot: "Because I wanted to make sure I didn’t get cold feet." Their upcoming visit to the chapel promises to be a nostalgic trip down memory lane, highlighting a location that holds a special place in their hearts.