Kanye West Sued for Alleged Discrimination and Harassment Against Black Employees

New lawsuit reveals troubling orders by Kanye West.

by Nouman Rasool
Kanye West Sued for Alleged Discrimination and Harassment Against Black Employees
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In a striking turn of events, Benjamin Deshon Provo, a former security guard for Kanye West, has filed a lawsuit accusing the artist, now known as Ye, of discriminatory practices and creating a hostile work environment for Black employees.

The legal action, initiated on April 26 in Los Angeles, points to a pattern of alleged misconduct by West, including differential treatment and wrongful termination. Provo's tenure began in August 2021, initially at West's Donda Academy before transitioning to a warehouse for the Yeezy brand.

His responsibilities broadened amidst staffing shortages, extending to West's Sunday Service gatherings and other related duties. The complaint details how Provo, along with other Black employees, purportedly faced less favorable conditions compared to their non-Black counterparts.

Notably, Provo alleges that he was subjected to lower pay "for no discernible reason" and that his grievances about wage disparities were dismissed, with instructions not to discuss financial matters with West.

Disturbing Commands Alleged

The lawsuit highlights several disturbing commands from West, including an order for security personnel to engage in aggressive actions against paparazzi.

More alarmingly, it claims that West insisted on the disposal of books by significant figures in the Black community, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, from Donda-related properties. A particularly contentious issue arose when West allegedly demanded that employees, including Provo, shave their heads.

Provo, who wears dreadlocks as part of his Muslim faith, refused to comply, leading to intensified pressure and eventual termination. His dismissal has sparked allegations of religious discrimination in addition to the broader accusations of racial bias.

Provo is now seeking damages for discrimination, retaliation, and other labor code violations. He is also pursuing a comprehensive injunction against West and associated entities, barring them from operating any educational facility for minors in California.

This lawsuit adds to a growing list of controversies surrounding West, who was previously accused this month by another employee, Trevor Phillips, of expressing hateful and discriminatory remarks within the professional setting of the Donda Academy.

These allegations paint a troubling picture of the work environment under West's leadership, characterized by hostility and discrimination. As the legal proceedings unfold, the implications for West's professional and personal reputation remain to be seen.

The outcome could potentially influence not just the future of his educational and business ventures but also his standing in the public eye.

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