Britney Spears Celebrates Legal Victory

Britney Spears enjoys newfound freedom with a glass of wine.

by Nouman Rasool
Britney Spears Celebrates Legal Victory
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Britney Spears achieved a milestone when she celebrated the end of her conservatorship by sipping her first "real" glass of wine, which she informed her followers of on Instagram. The 42-year-old pop legend broke the news to her fans with a post on a 2019 Norton Malbec, how love can heal and how much she's enjoying drinking the new wine.

"And REAL wine feels so different. So smooth ???? ! ! ! Psss first time with real wine ???? Jesus f--king Christ !!! " wrote Spears. The revelation has come after a furious legal battle with her father, Jamie Spears, over the conservatorship that has governed her life for more than a decade.

Britney's Legal Freedom

The settlement of this lawsuit, confirmed by Us Weekly on the same day, proves that the whole conservatorship of Spears is truly abolished, according to the confirmation made by Spears' lawyer, Mathew Rosengart.

"Britney Spears won when the court suspended her father, and Britney Spears won when her fundamental rights and civil liberties were restored," Rosengart said in the same breath about the end of Spears' legal woes. Up until that time, Spears was under rigid conditions of her conservatorship, which included routine drug tests and a ban on alcohol, as reported by Business Insider in a since-deleted Instagram post in June 2022.

The legal arrangement that put Jamie Spears in control of both her financial and personal matters was started in 2008, following Britney's public problems and her divorce from Kevin Federline. She discussed candidly in her 2023 memoir, "The Woman in Me," about the oppressive impact of the conservatorship, comparing her life to that of a "child-robot" and grieving over the loss of her identity and passion for music.

Jamie Spears, in defense of the conservatorship, has spoken about it to the media as an absolute necessity for protecting Britney and her two teenage sons, Sean and Jayden. Now, with the conservatorship officially terminated in November 2021 and all related legal disputes resolved, Britney Spears might at last be looking forward to a life free from court mandates and viewing her life without the shadow of past controls, free to live with new independence and joy.

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