Nicholas Galitzine on Dating Pitfalls of Fame: 'Really Straining'

Galitzine Reflects on Career Insights and Artistic Growth

by Zain ul Abedin
Nicholas Galitzine on Dating Pitfalls of Fame: 'Really Straining'
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British actor Nicholas Galitzine, celebrated for his role as Prince Henry in the 2023 romantic comedy Red, White & Royal Blue, is now captivating audiences opposite Anne Hathaway in the new romantic drama The Idea of You.

The film, premiering on Prime Video on May 2, explores the complex interplay between fame and personal relationships, themes that Galitzine finds personally resonant. At 29, Galitzine portrays Hayes Campbell, a globally recognized pop star and a boy band August Moon member.

In the narrative, Campbell encounters the challenges of maintaining authentic connections amidst his hectic touring schedule - a storyline that parallels Galitzine’s experiences in the entertainment industry. "I am acutely aware of the blessings my career brings, but like any job, it has its pitfalls," Galitzine shared with PEOPLE.

"The transience, the constant movement - it can strain personal relationships significantly." The film’s plot thickens at Coachella, where Campbell meets Solène (played by Hathaway), an art dealer and single mother.

Their chance encounter offers a glimpse into the possibility of genuine connection beyond the glitz of celebrity life. Galitzine’s portrayal of Campbell’s journey offers a nuanced look at the personal costs of public life.

Blurring Lines & Inspirations

Discussing the overlap between his real-life and his character's experiences, Galitzine highlighted the unique pressures musicians face compared to actors. "Actors have a buffer through their characters, allowing a separation between their public personas and private selves," he explained.

"Musicians often aren’t afforded that luxury, as their personal and stage personas can blur." Galitzine also expressed his admiration for co-star Hathaway, noting her versatility and career longevity as inspirational.

"Working with Anne, who has mastered comedy, drama, and musical performances, was incredibly enriching," he said. This collaboration seems to have significantly impacted him, shaping his aspirations within the industry. The Idea of You, based on Robinne Lee’s 2017 novel, delves deep into how fame influences love and relationships - a theme that resonates deeply with both the characters and the actors portraying them.

As Galitzine navigates his rising fame, his reflections on the dual edges of celebrity - its allure and its trials - offer a compelling glimpse into the life of those who live in the spotlight.