Harry Jowsey Urges Sun Safety Following Skin Cancer Diagnosis

TV star Harry Jowsey shares a crucial health update

by Zain ul Abedin
Harry Jowsey Urges Sun Safety Following Skin Cancer Diagnosis
© Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Harry Jowsey, the charismatic reality TV star, has issued a heartfelt plea to his followers about the importance of skin health following his recent skin cancer scare. In a candid TikTok video released on April 26, Jowsey shared his experience with skin cancer, which was successfully removed from his shoulder, stressing the urgency of skin protection as summer approaches.

The video, which quickly captured the attention of his extensive fan base, detailed Jowsey's visit to a dermatologist last week, where the diagnosis was made. Despite the seriousness of the situation, he reassured his audience, saying, "I'm going to be all good, everything's going to be okay." His message was clear and potent: "Please wear sunscreen.

Please go get your skin checked." Jowsey's call to action was aimed particularly at those with a similar complexion to his own. “If you're a freckly little frog like me, go get a mole map and get your body checked because you never know,” he advised, referring to his own delay in spotting the cancerous growth, which had been on his shoulder for over a year.

His advice did not stop at just a cautionary tale; he emphasized the need for responsibility in skincare. "You've got to get your skin checked, wear your sunscreen, and be a little bit more responsible," Jowsey elaborated, acknowledging the new precautions he must now embrace.

His parting words, "Anyway, love you guys. Stay safe," ended the video on a note of genuine concern and affection.

Community Shows Support

The response from his followers was overwhelmingly supportive. Comments flooded in from fans and fellow celebrities alike, echoing his sentiments about sun safety.

"YES WEAR UR SPF!!!!!" exclaimed a dermatology medical assistant. YouTuber Markell Washington offered emotional support, saying, "You will be ok my love praying for you ????????." Ariana Madix, 'Dancing with the Stars' competitor and 'Vanderpump Rules' star, who had her battle with cancer in 2018, shared her solidarity, commenting, “Melanoma siblings ?.

So scary but really glad you are okay and yes sunscreen so important and skin checks”. Rylee Arnold, Jowsey's partner from 'Dancing with the Stars', expressed relief and support: “So glad you’re okay, sending all the love!!!” Jowsey’s openness and proactive stance on skin health are a powerful reminder of the critical importance of regular skin check-ups and protective measures against the sun, especially with the sunny days of summer on the horizon.