Ian Bohen Promises 'Best Series Finale in History' for Yellowstone: 'Worth the Wait'

Yellowstone's final chapters promise unprecedented depth and impact

by Zain ul Abedin
Ian Bohen Promises 'Best Series Finale in History' for Yellowstone: 'Worth the Wait'
© Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

As "Yellowstone" approaches the climax of its fifth and final season, Ian Bohen, known for his role as Ryan, ensures fans that the conclusion will be unlike any other. In a recent discussion with Entertainment Tonight at the Stagecoach festival pop-up, Bohen enthused the series' meticulously crafted ending, promising a finale to meet and exceed expectations.

"The entire storyline is set to conclude seamlessly. Many series end leaving viewers wanting more or dissatisfied, but not Yellowstone," Bohen explained. The actor emphasized that the show’s wrap-up has been designed to deliver a coherent and fulfilling resolution, setting a new benchmark for television finales.

Under Taylor Sheridan's creative helm, "Yellowstone" has captivated audiences and expanded into a successful franchise with several spin-offs. However, Bohen believes the original series will set a record with its final episodes.

"I might sound overconfident, but I genuinely believe we are on track to have the best series finale in television history. We are grateful for the fans' patience and promise it will be worth the wait," he added.

Yellowstone's Expanding Legacy

The show, which has garnered a massive following, resonates with viewers on a level that transcends typical fandom.

"Being part of 'Yellowstone' feels like contributing to something much more than entertainment. It’s a cultural touchstone that profoundly impacts its audience, making our work feel significantly more meaningful," Bohen shared.

Originally scheduled for an earlier release, the second half of season 5 will now premiere in November, delayed by a year due to the writers' strike. Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of Showtime and MTV Entertainment Studios, hinted at further expansions of the "Yellowstone" universe.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, McCarthy highlighted the show's growth from a hit cable series to a global phenomenon with over 100 million fans worldwide, stating, "We’ve only just begun." For those eager to catch up or revisit the saga, "Yellowstone" is available for streaming on Peacock, setting the stage for a historic conclusion that promises to redefine the standards of a series finale.