Director Clarifies Crew's Concerns Over Johnny Depp on Jeanne Du Barry Set

Insight into Collaboration Between Director and Star Actor

by Zain ul Abedin
Director Clarifies Crew's Concerns Over Johnny Depp on Jeanne Du Barry Set
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Director Maïwenn has clarified her recent comments about Johnny Depp and the atmosphere on the set of their film Jeanne du Barry. In a statement to Variety, Maïwenn expressed that her remarks about Depp being "scary" were intended to convey his charisma, notoriety, and star status rather than instill fear in the crew.

Maïwenn explained that the challenges on set stemmed from uncertainties about Depp's punctuality and delivery of lines rather than any intimidation factor. She emphasized that Depp's presence exuded a commanding charisma, which she admires as a testament to his status in the industry.

Regarding the decision to edit some of Depp's dialogue from the film, Maïwenn cited logistical constraints and a lack of rehearsal time. Despite efforts to work with a coach, scheduling conflicts prevented comprehensive preparation, leading to adjustments in the script during filming.

Maïwenn clarified that such decisions were not exclusive to Depp but also applied to other actors.

Film Premise and Cast

Reflecting on her relationship with Depp post-production, Maïwenn described him as a genius but acknowledged challenges in communication, attributing it to their differing worlds.

"Jeanne du Barry," which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2023, features Depp alongside a talented cast including Benjamin Lavernhe, Pierre Richard, Melvil Poupaud, and Pascal Greggory. The film follows the story of Jeanne Vaubernier, portrayed by Maïwenn herself, as she navigates social ascent through her charms and encounters a fateful romance with King Louis XV, played by Depp.

Depp, speaking at a London event, humorously reflected on his initial apprehensions about accepting the role, citing his Kentucky roots juxtaposed with portraying French royalty. Despite reservations, Depp praised Maïwenn's courage in casting him for the role.

"Jeanne du Barry" is scheduled for release in North America on May 2, promising audiences an intriguing historical drama anchored by Depp's portrayal of King Louis XV.

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