Jelly Roll Exits Social Media, Cites More Than Bullying as Cause

Jelly Roll receives heartfelt defense from Flavor Flav.

by Nouman Rasool
Jelly Roll Exits Social Media, Cites More Than Bullying as Cause
© Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Country musician Jelly Roll, recently caught in a whirlwind of social media toxicity and personal attacks, has decided to step back from his online platforms, revealing that the issue runs deeper than mere bullying. In an exclusive interview with Variety, the "Son of a Sinner" singer shared insights into his decision, which was initially sparked by harsh comments about his weight.

Despite the supportive voices, including a heartfelt defense by Flavor Flav and his wife, Jelly Roll emphasized that his departure from social media was influenced by more than just external negativity. "I don’t have a problem with social media itself.

It’s the toxicity and the addictive nature of it that overwhelmed me," he explained. "Spending hours scrolling through feeds, wasting valuable time I could spend elsewhere – it just became too much."

Support Amidst Struggles

Flavor Flav, standing up for Jelly Roll in a recent video, condemned the judgmental comments, stressing the need for self-reflection among critics.

"How dare y'all try to judge my man about his weight and his character," Flav expressed, highlighting a culture of quick judgments and harsh critiques online. Jelly Roll's wife, Bunnie XO, also took to social media to address the issue, revealing the personal toll the bullying has taken on him.

"My husband doesn’t show it to you guys, but it hurts him," she said in a vulnerable moment on TikTok. Her candidness shed light on the emotional strain behind the scenes. Amidst this turmoil, Jelly Roll is preparing for a significant career milestone – his debut at the prestigious Stagecoach Festival.

Set to perform alongside country greats like Morgan Wallen, Miranda Lambert, and Willie Nelson, he's taking his preparation seriously, promising to introduce new material. "I’ve rehearsed more for this than any single event in my career," Jelly Roll shared, signaling a strong comeback to his musical roots, away from the digital battleground.

As Jelly Roll steps back to focus on his music and mental health, the support from his family and industry peers remains a powerful reminder of the human impact behind public personas. The musician’s break from social media is a step towards reclaiming his time and mental space, emphasizing the need for a healthier engagement with digital platforms amidst the industry's glaring spotlight.