McGowan Urges Strength Post-Weinstein Verdict

Actress advocates healing and action amid legal setbacks.

by Nouman Rasool
McGowan Urges Strength Post-Weinstein Verdict
© Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Rose McGowan is urging all other survivors of se---- assault to remain standing after the 2020 rape conviction of Harvey Weinstein was overturned. McGowan sent a message of sympathy to everyone who could relate to such similar suffering in an emotional video that she posted on Instagram.

"They will never overturn who we are," she said forcefully in her post last Thursday. In a series of tweets, McGowan, who accuses Weinstein of raping her back in 1997, let it all out on the platform with the sole objective of strengthening and empowering other women into confronting their past attackers.

This comes after a New York Appeals Court threw out his controversial previous conviction, something that has infuriated the wider survivor community. Weinstein had earlier been found guilty of rape and criminal se---- assault and served a big prison sentence.

She emphasized that progress done by both survivors and advocates has been key in moving the agenda forward in her video. "I'm proud of how far we've come. How much we've awakened," she said. Her message underscored collective resilience: she claimed that no judicial decisions could erase their experiences or their truths.

Addressing her "survivor sisters," McGowan reminded them they were not victims but injured parties, with hostile intentions. "Evil sticks together, as witnessed.. . but we are better," she said. What she said was to strengthen and reassure those feeling upended by the court's decision: their worth and their struggle were in no way diminished.

McGowan's Resilient Call

McGowan knew this verdict would hurt, and yet she saw the way forward, how to move on in the path of grieving and sorrow. 'Shed those tears today,' urged she, pushing for strength and recovery past the setback.

'Tomorrow we will rise. Stand up, dust ourselves off, and look for every little ounce of joy and beauty that we can,' inspiring her. The result is the very real effect of McGowan and other such daring women who set their path back in 2017, now crystalized in the explosive #MeToo movement that has swept powerful people who have been systemically offending se------ in diverse spheres of activity.

These accusations were the last straw to break the camel's back. It led to Weinstein's fall from grace, professional ruin, and subsequently to divorce by his wife, Georgina Chapman. As the implications of the appellate court's decision trickle down, Weinstein's legal battles are far from over, and his victims come to terms with the possibility of another trial.

The legal expert slammed the decision and the court for its summary rejection of key testimony that had been instrumental in Weinstein's conviction. With the saga continuing at a legal level, McGowan and countless others are there, walking together, committed to fighting the good fight and seeing justice brought home.