L.A. D.A. Confirms Harvey Weinstein's Conviction in California to Stand Firm

Harvey Weinstein faces steadfast legal challenges in Los Angeles.

by Nouman Rasool
L.A. D.A. Confirms Harvey Weinstein's Conviction in California to Stand Firm
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In the wake of a shocker in New York, where Harvey Weinstein's conviction was recently reversed, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office is standing by its belief that the conviction of Weinstein on the West Coast is solid.

California prosecutors, who landed a 16-year sentence on Weinstein, said the case against the fallen Hollywood mogul is strong and well within bounds set by state law, despite the New York upheaval. A spokesman for the D.A.

clarified that California's legal framework uniquely accommodates their position. The state allows for the admissibility of evidence of "propensity" in the case of se---l assaults, among other things, under which a judge can allow evidence of a defendant's similar past behaviors to be considered.

This was key in the Weinstein trial, where earlier assaults were admitted in multiple jurisdictions to establish a pattern of misconduct.

L.A. Conviction Stands Strong

His office was disappointed with the New York appeals court decision to set aside Weinstein's guilty verdict, predicated on a concern that his trial focused far too much on his past alleged misdeeds rather than the charges before the court.

However, the L.A. prosecutors believe the conviction will stand up against any appeals, having said that the evidence and the trial procedures used were all entirely lawful and appropriate. District Attorney George Gascón reinforced this confidence, stating to the Los Angeles Times that he stands firmly by the conviction's legitimacy.

This assurance comes amidst a backdrop of uncertainty, as the New York District Attorney's office reels from the appellate decision and plans a retrial for Weinstein. Meanwhile, Weinstein's defense, led by attorney Jennifer Bonjean, remains adamant about challenging the L.A.

conviction, suggesting that the outcome in New York should precipitate a reevaluation on the West Coast as well. Bonjean, in a recent appearance on "TMZ Live," argued that the L.A. verdict should be reconsidered in light of the New York proceedings, hinting at a protracted legal battle ahead.

As the situation unfolds, the contrast between the judicial strategies and outcomes in these two key states underscores the complexities of legal battles involving high-profile figures and the variances in state laws concerning se---l assault cases.

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