Prince William's Secret Pet Duty: George, Charlotte, and Louis 'Forget'

Prince William's Community Visit Highlights Mental Health Initiatives

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince William's Secret Pet Duty: George, Charlotte, and Louis 'Forget'
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During a recent visit to a youth-focused farm, Prince William, 41, revealed a relatable detail about his family life. While interacting with animals at the Woodgate Valley Urban Farm near Birmingham on April 25, the Duke of Cambridge disclosed that he often cares for the family's lesser-known pet because his children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, forget.

Victoria Ward of The Telegraph captured the charming moment in a video. In the footage, Prince William happily interacts with a guinea pig named Snowflake. He expressed his enjoyment at stroking the furry creature. He confessed that his kids frequently overlook their responsibilities in caring for their guinea pig, leaving him to handle the task.

The royal family's affection for animals is well-documented. While they are known to have a black cocker spaniel named Orla, Kate Middleton previously mentioned during the opening of the Magic Garden children’s playground at Hampton Court Palace in 2016 that they also have a hamster named Marvin.

According to reports, Princess Charlotte particularly enjoys playing with the hamster, finding its whiskers ticklish.

Royal Engagement: Mental Health Support

The revelation about Marvin the hamster sparked the creation of the fan account @theroyalhamster on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), where followers delighted in imagining the little creature in various royal scenarios.

Prince William's visit to the Woodgate Valley Urban Farm was part of his broader engagement in the West Midlands, where he learned about initiatives supporting mental health and wellbeing. The farm offers therapeutic programs involving nature and animals for children, such as caring for Grey Face Dartmoor Sheep.

Supported by the National Lottery, the farm provides crucial support for groups of children out of education and those from a local children’s hospice. During his tour, Prince William interacted with staff, volunteers, and the animals, gaining insight into the farm's impactful work.

Earlier in the day, he received thoughtful gifts for Princess Kate, including Lego sunflowers and crocheted "well-being worms" for the children, reflecting the family's focus on mental health. This visit marked Prince William's return to public duties after a brief hiatus following Princess Kate's announcement about her health.

The royal couple has prioritized their family's well-being during this time, ensuring they have space for private moments together. Prince William's engagement underscores his commitment to supporting initiatives that promote mental health and community well-being.

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