Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger Team Up Again in Upcoming Film

Hollywood Legends Plot Their Cinematic Return Together

by Zain ul Abedin
Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger Team Up Again in Upcoming Film
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Hollywood icons Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger are set to reunite on the silver screen, returning their celebrated dynamic to fans after decades. DeVito, who recently attended the Los Angeles premiere of Chris Pine's directorial debut "Poolman," confirmed the exciting news to Entertainment Tonight.

"We've been talking about working together again for quite some time, and now we're onto something," DeVito revealed. The new project, still in the early stages with a script currently being penned, promises to reignite the chemistry that the duo famously showcased in the 1988 hit comedy "Twins" and the 1994 film "Junior." The forthcoming movie will be produced under the Warner Brothers banner, enhancing the anticipation among moviegoers.

DeVito expressed his enthusiasm about reuniting with Schwarzenegger, describing him as a "good buddy" and emphasizing their seamless compatibility on screen. "We fit right together; he’s just a good pal," DeVito added, highlighting the strong personal and professional bond the two stars have developed.

New Project Teased

Speculation about a sequel to "Twins" had been circulating for years. In 2023, Schwarzenegger revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that plans for the sequel were shelved. However, this new endeavor was first hinted at in a March interview DeVito had with CNN, where he disclosed that the pair were actively developing a new cinematic project.

"Arnold and I are good buddies. We've been friends long before 'Twins.' We get along really well and are hoping to start working on the script soon," DeVito mentioned. The excitement for this collaboration was evident when DeVito and Schwarzenegger appeared together at the 96th Academy Awards earlier in March.

The pair entertained the audience with a skit that referenced their villainous roles from the '90s Batman films, with DeVito as Penguin in "Batman Returns" (1992) and Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze in "Batman & Robin" (1997).

In a recent conversation with PEOPLE on April 5, DeVito humorously suggested that reprising these Batman roles alongside Michael Keaton might not be a bad idea. "You got Keaton, Schwarzenegger, and DeVito – why not bring those same parts back?" he quipped, showing his characteristic wit.

Fans of DeVito can look forward to seeing him on screen sooner, as "Poolman" hits theaters on May 10. With this new project on the horizon, audiences are eager to witness another memorable performance from the dynamic duo of DeVito and Schwarzenegger.

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