Judge Denies Dismissal of Travis Scott from Astroworld Lawsuits

Legal Battle Intensifies Over Astroworld Tragedy: Latest Developments.

by Nouman Rasool
Judge Denies Dismissal of Travis Scott from Astroworld Lawsuits
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State District Judge Kristen Hawkins has ruled against the dismissal of numerous lawsuits targeting rapper Travis Scott in connection with the tragic Astroworld festival of 2021, where 10 individuals lost their lives amid a crowd surge.

In a concise one-page order, Judge Hawkins rebuffed Scott’s plea to be absolved from legal liability, alongside his touring and production entity, XX Global. This decision, though rendered on Tuesday, was unveiled to the public on Wednesday, amplifying the ongoing legal saga surrounding the event.

Scott’s legal representatives contended during an April 15 hearing that the artist bore no responsibility for safety oversight or hazard monitoring during the November 5 concert last year. They emphasized that Scott's obligations were confined to the artistic realm, encompassing performances and promotional endeavors.

However, Noah Wexler, representing the family of Madison Dubiski, one of the deceased, asserted that Scott, also known as Jacques Bermon Webster II, exhibited a "conscious disregard for safety" at the oversubscribed festival.

Scott Faces Allegations

Allegations were leveled against Scott, suggesting that he actively encouraged unauthorized individuals to breach the event premises and purportedly disregarded directives from festival organizers to halt the performance amid reports of injuries and fatalities among the audience.

Earlier this month, Judge Hawkins dismissed legal actions against Drake and several other parties linked to the concert. Nevertheless, the lawsuit initiated by Dubiski’s family is poised to be the inaugural trial, commencing on May 6.

The litigants include not only the families of the deceased but also numerous individuals who sustained injuries, collectively targeting Scott, Live Nation (the festival's promoter), and a plethora of other entities and persons allegedly involved in the organization and execution of the ill-fated event.

Despite an inquiry by Houston police, no charges were brought against Scott, and a grand jury opted not to indict him or five others on any criminal charges related to the calamitous concert. The victims, whose ages ranged from 9 to 27, succumbed to compression asphyxia, a harrowing fate likened to being crushed by the weight of a vehicle.

Several lawsuits, representing both the bereaved families and the multitude of injured attendees, have reached settlements, including those brought forth by the families of four of the deceased.

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