Al Pacino at 84: New Child, Love, and a Flourishing Career

Al Pacino shares insights on life and love

by Zain ul Abedin
Al Pacino at 84: New Child, Love, and a Flourishing Career
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Al Pacino celebrated his 84th birthday on April 25, marking yet another vibrant year in a career that shows no signs of diminishing. Just before his birthday, the Oscar-winning actor has been busy with personal milestones and professional engagements, including welcoming his son Roman with 30-year-old girlfriend Noor Alfallah last June.

In the past year, Pacino starred alongside Michael Keaton in Knox Goes Away and appeared in Bad Bunny's music video "Monaco." Additionally, he graced the stage at the 96th Academy Awards, presenting the Best Picture award to Oppenheimer.

On the horizon, Pacino will feature alongside Dan Stevens in David Midell’s upcoming film The Ritual, set to seek distribution at Cannes. Pacino's pipeline brims with intriguing projects, including films like Modi, Killing Castro, and Billy Knight, the latter of which is expected to premiere later this year.

In a more personal venture, fans can look forward to an intimate glimpse into the actor's life with the October release of his memoir, Sonny Boy. This autobiography promises an in-depth journey from childhood through his pivotal role in The Godfather and beyond, offering readers a unique look at his life and career.

Pacino's Personal Revelations

Pacino told PEOPLE, "I wrote Sonny Boy to express what I’ve seen and been through. Reflecting on this journey and what acting has opened up for me has been incredibly personal and revealing." While Pacino's professional life continues to flourish, his personal life remains equally fulfilling.

He and Alfallah, despite rumors of a split, are still together and share their 10-month-old son. The couple was first linked publicly in April 2022, though Alfallah revealed to Vogue Arabia that their romance began during the 2020 lockdown.

They bonded over movies and chess, turning their interaction into a private film school led by Pacino himself. Alfallah fondly recalled watching Bobby Deerfield with Pacino, now her favorite film of his. The film highlighted the blend of their cultures and joked about the prospects of their son possibly embracing soccer due to his Italian-Arab heritage. However, she and Pacino agree that Roman should follow his path, though acting might already be in his genes.

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