Kris Jenner Receives Meghan's Gift

Meghan Markle Expands Celebrity Circle with Thoughtful Gestures.

by Nouman Rasool
Kris Jenner Receives Meghan's Gift
© Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Kris Jenner is one of the highly placed few who could receive a special gift from Meghan Markle's new lifestyle venture, American Riviera Orchard. The Kardashian matriarch shared the exclusive strawberry jam with a simple "thank you" and a heart emoji in the post in social media.

In that move alone, Kris is among 50 of the best and most influential celebrities who got to see Meghan's first-ever product from her brand. Other bigwigs like actress Mindy Kaling were also subtly but effectively marketing the product by showing off their gifted jars.

A friend of Meghan's since the days of her podcast on Spotify, Kaling took to Instagram to tell her followers how excited she was, tagging the brand and stating her obsession with the product. The jam is presented very classily in the midst of fresh lemons, values in line with those of the brand: homemade and community-oriented.

Each jar gifted represents a promotion of the product but also symbolizes one in Meghan's fresh circle of friends who are very much aligned with her business and personal evolution post-Megxit.

Meghan's Strategic Branding Shift

PR experts opine that it is a very strategic curated circle that continues to drive the brand forward as it associates itself with people of clout in culture and having women in business.

PR expert Mark Borkowski brought out the influence Meghan has and how she is very good at curating a circle that suits her new narrative. This is how she remains relevant and strategic in all her ways. But the new list does leave out some familiar names who were on the earlier list, like Meghan's former best friend Jessica Mulroney, and some other former confidants.

The new list is indicative of a move to a lower-profile, business-focused network, especially in Montecito where Meghan now resides. Although Meghan had done a local focus with a homemade appeal in mind for the brand, culture expert Nick Ede said that engaging her broader network from her "Suits" days could have potentially helped to extend the brand.

As Meghan's American Riviera Orchard gets ready for its public debut, the strategic gifting to high-profile friends reinforces a savvy mixing of personal branding and community engagement, promising to be a sweet start to her new business venture.

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